Saturday, November 27, 2010

27. Adoption Advocate

Baha. My mom texted me an idea to post what things I've done to advocate adoption.

I think number one is this blog. In the beginning, I sort of just used this blog as a journal. To let out my feelings. I never imagined that so many people would read it each day (which is approx 400 pageviews a day)/weeks/months (approx. 11,000 pageviews last month). I know it's creepy that I know that... nah. I just looked at my stats on here. I just barely discovered it yesterday while I was trying to figure out how to change my comment thing. I know, I'm so rad. Baha. The comment change was not my  idea. I stole it from someone else. Yes. I know. I'm unoriginal. But at least I'll give the credit.

I've also been a guestblogger on numerous blogs. You can check out the links on the side. Or here.

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I have loved going to expectant parent groups/adoption chat nights. I don't think some girls realize it but you're advocating adoption when you go to the expectant parent groups. You may not tell your story everyday. But those girls who haven't been there and are about to experience- look at you like you're the top dog. I know everyday that I'm still learning. But those girls need our help more than anything. And I know the adoptive families enjoy having birthmom's there (I think it's precious that y'all think of us as celebs. It makes me blush. Baha). They kind of have an insight of how we feel about things. I know I've been asked before to look at other adoptive families profiles before and add my input and if they should change anything.

I used to be apart of the blog called, "The Sisterhood of the Maternity Pants." I stopped because it seemed like that I wasn't getting any credit for it and that it was only one person's blog. Even though we started it together. And this person never corrected that it was OUR blog, not just hers. Hm. Funny how things end like that.

I have been apart of panels either at expectant parent groups, adoptive families trainings, and high schools. I love high schools. I have been to 3 different high schools in the past year. I have done about 9 total panels. I think I love high schools the most because I feel like if I can tell my story to a class of about 30. I know one person is listening. And I know that they'll be able to take their babies home because of my story. Or maybe if they do find themselves in that situation or a friend. They can remember their class and all the options. And the feedback is incredible. I feel embarrassed when people clap for me at the end of the class. I know I did something great for someone else but I don't think I'm a great person. I guess there's my insecurity. Haha. I guess I'm more humble than embarrassed about it.

I really want to get out more and do more stuff but sometimes I have to work and I can't make it. I went to the adoption conference while I was pregnant. (I didn't go this year because I saw my Aunt that lives in Texas and she was in Idaho doing education week and she wasn't going to make it out to my wedding but I plan on being there this coming year!)

 Probably the hottest picture you'll ever see of me and Andee on this side of the interweb.
Yes, we're matching. No, we didn't plan it.
 I just realized that our first picture together was when I was pregnant. The last picture of us taken, SHE'S pregnant. Baha. Yesss.

My mom and I went to the adoption awareness walk this year that was on Birthmother's day. And it was also exactly a year when I announced to Dustinn and Valery that they were going to be parents. Yeah. A special day, indeed.

I knew this picture would come in handy when I wanted to creep Lindsey out.
Oh yes, we've already met.

I also sport some adoption T's. I have two to be exact- The first picture and the adoption awareness walk picture :) And in my little apartment. I am planning on getting some shelving and putting up a bunch of Olivia stuff on it. I have her little dress that Dustinn and Val sent to me on my birthday this year. I bought it for her for our profesh pictures when she was two weeks old.

That's why I advocate adoption. I love to do it. :) I seriously might consider making a career out of this! haha! That's how much I love! I feel that being an advocate or educating people about adoption. It connects me a little bit more to Olivia. Because I couldn't have made an adoption plan without her. I wouldn't have met so many great people without going through all of this. She is the reason why I advocate for adoption.


  1. Girl! You are such an amazing person! haha! Guess what? There's this little Doll at my work named Olivia! I'm so tempted to get it and give it to you! haha! I've seen it there since last year and nobody has bought it yet! *Knock on Wood* But yeah!Every time I see it though I always think of you and Olivia and makes me smile! Anyways, It's amazing how much one person can impact a life even if you knew a person for a short time! I Liked this post a lot! :D

  2. I think its wonderful how many people you are reaching..

    With Love,