Sunday, November 28, 2010

28. My Adoption Video

Andee made this video for me as a gift after I placed. And I love it. I've used it before with my high school presentations and the high school kids think it's rad. :) Andee posted it on Adoption Voices. So that's where I got it. And I have it on my Facebook. I remember watching it and just crying, not that it was just right after placement, but I remember thinking I couldn't believe that I went through this entire journey for her. I'm so grateful for it. (And yes, I know the second song has negative adoption language. But it's a great song from adoptee to a birthmom. I watched it the day before I announced to Dustinn and Val that they were parents. It has a very special meaning to me.)

Find more videos like this on Adoption Voices


I know Jessica is celebrating with me, I miss you lots today girl.


  1. So beautiful. Now I'm crying :)

  2. Andee! You have wonderful talent! It was amazing to watch that again! :D I was pretty much teary eyed! So beautiful! :D