Thursday, October 8, 2009

2 weeks old

These pictures taken above were taken by Rachel. Those are some from the photo shoot on Wednesday. I can't wait to see the rest of them. Olivia was fabulous and I'm pretty much in love with these pictures. Thank you SO much, Rachel!

These ones below are taken by V. They're the annual weekly pictures next to her teddy bear that me, Olivia, and N have. V had the idea to take pictures next to the bear so we can guess how big Olivia is compared to the bear. :)

Olivia is too darn cute :)

She's leaving early Saturday morning. :(
I get to spend most of the day with her tomorrow.

The next time I see her will be around Christmas.

I knew they'd have to leave eventually.
But so soon? :(


  1. oh MAN! she is SO ridiculously adorable! i want a BABY! :) she's going to be SO big come december

  2. Oh my gosh, she keeps getting cuter! How adorable! I just love her hair. I'm sorry she is already leaving. :( You should come out and visit some time.

  3. I LOVE those pictures by Rachel. Is that Mom's old suitcase? Brilliant!

  4. thats crazy i could never give my baby up

  5. Erika- It's not mom's old suitcase :( it kind of looks like it though. It's just a prop that the photographer had.

    Alicia- I didn't give my baby up. I placed her :)

  6. I came to your story from Amstel life's blog last night and read for a while and cried and cried. What a hard thing to go through but it shows how much love you have for Olivia that you would do what was the best for her, even while it causes you pain. I just came across a song by someone who was adopted, to his birthmom that may be encouraging to you. It's at for a day or two. It's called Everything to Me. By Mark Schultz.

    Olivia is beautiful, by the way:)

    You're in my prayers,


  7. Rachel's pictures are gorgeous! I love the purple dress/feet one and of Olivia sleeping on you and the suitcase is so incredibly cute. :)