Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Baby Shower

So, I decided to do a baby shower for Olivia after she was born. I knew there were some friends/family that would want to meet her if they didn't have the chance to meet her at the hospital. I know some people in my family ward were interested in meeting D and V. I think it turned out really well. :)
I'd like to thank everyone that showed up. I've been pretty busy.... lazy most likely to make thank you cards. There will be some sent out soon and what not.
I'm going to be doing a new post later tonight of what's going on in my life now. I'm sure you're all so excited! It's not that exciting. I thought it would be post pregnancy. But guess what? It's not. Ha. I had A LOT of drama during my pregnancy. Not so much anymore. I'm totally okay with that. I'm a hater of the drama. I like to stay out of that. You guys probably don't believe me when I probably caused most of the drama with N. I did what I can not to be in it.

People are going to be haters when they see the pictures. Because there are some not good ones of some people. But whatever. I had just barely had a baby like a week ago in those pictures. My face got FAT. I don't know why. But it's skinny now. I'm okay with having a skinny face. So, judge my fat face.
I was reading through some of my old posts of the last few weeks of my pregnancy and my pregnancy pictures. I look down at my belly now and I'm like daaaaaang. I was really that big?!? And there was a baby in there!?? It's almost unreal to me.

I'm done.
I'm going to go hang out with Andee at the mall. Heyyyyy.


  1. Yay for hanging out with a good friend:) Enjoy your night!

  2. Oh I so wish I could have stayed longer!! after I left my dad was like oh I wasn't expecting you till like quarter to 4! And I was like, I would look really stupid and saying I can stay later! I was kind of mad! :P LOL All well! And it would have been nice to see Olivia again... but maybe hope for a chance to see her in December since val and Dustinn are coming down right? Have fun at the Mall with Andee! :D

  3. oh and I did a post about Olivia and my visit to the hospital to see Olivia for the first time... I hope it's ok... if you want me to delete it... that's fine... or if you want me to add anything... please let me know! :D www.swimmingviolist.blogspot.com

  4. You look really confused in some of those pictures. "HURROW, I'M STEFANIE. WHUTZ GOING ON HURRR?" You ate too much cake, didn't you? I knew it.

  5. ha! yup..I definitely hate you for some of those pictures! ..and your face is not fat.

    ps..I had fun a the mall. ;)

  6. I am a friend of Valerie's and I found your blog through hers. I read this post and my heart started to hurt. I honestly can't imagine what you must be feeling. It would be so hard.

    I happen to be a mother of one and a step-mother of 2. And although I do not get to be with my step-daughters all the time, I am always thinking of them.

    No matter if you gave Olivia to them or not, you are connected to her. You love her and you are rooting for her behind the scenes. You are kind of like her Guardian Angel, Fairy God-Mother or her Spirit Mother. Any good you do in this life, she will be blessed by and your ripple effect will touch her life whether she knows it or not.

    Above all else, you gave her life and you gave Valerie another chance to be a mother. Your life will be blessed for being so good and selfless. I don't know how you have found the courage and character to do what you have done, but you are rare. You are unique and you are amazing. Hold onto that and you will be just fine.

    Take care and remember to give yourself a little love. You deserve it.