Saturday, October 24, 2009


I got the pictures back from the Luminosity photo shoot we did when Olivia was two weeks old (:

Here are just some of my favorites.


  1. The pictures are so beautiful. I love the ones of you holding Olivia and I love her purple dress and the blessing dress. And I love the one of you and Val.

  2. I LOVE THESE!!!!
    The one with you and Val...oh my gosh that's such a good idea!
    I can't get over how beautiful Olivia is. Seriously

  3. I am SO glad you put these on here. I would have never seen them! I can't wait to see her. :)

  4. Those pictures are so dang cute!!! I Love them I Love them I Love them!!! :D

  5. These pictures will always be such a treasure for Olivia.... one of my prayers for our adopted daughter is that I will have at least one picture of her with her mother.... how I would love to have pictures of us together!