Thursday, November 11, 2010

11. Hoping To Adopt: Jared and Devin

So, this is the first that's ever happened. Someone e-mailed me and asked me to do a spotlight of their friends who are hoping to adopt. I think that's SO thoughtful. I'd be very grateful for this friend. I don't know much about Jared and Devin but their adoption blog just brought the biggest smile to my face. They are SUPER cute!

Jared is from Texas.
Devin is from Las Vegas.

Jared works with computers.
Devin is going to school to be a nurse.

Jared loves to cook.
Devin loves socializing. I.E. Facebook, Girls Nights Out, Date Nights. You name it. She's there :)

Jared loves the Stargate series, Star Trek and Dr. Who.
Devin loves 7th Heaven, Monk and Psych.

They have an adorable puppy named Buddy.
He's a cockapoo (Cocker Spaniel and Poodle mix). ADORABLE!

This post I LOVED:

"Today I'd like to talk about how open are we willing to be when we do get placed. To put it simply, we'd like our birth family to have an extended family approach. So the birth mom would be like a very close, favorite aunt.

We want the birth family to be involved. We'd love to have them come to birthday parties, see them for the holidays, etc. We'd love to talk the family on the phone, text, have them look at our blog, send them pictures. We'd even love to have the birth family over for dinner, or just stop in for a visit. We'd love to come visit too, if the birth family wants ... I think you get the picture though.

Overall though, we want the birth family as involved as they want to be. We never want to make our birth family wonder. We don't want to make the child wonder about where they came from. When we do get placed... assuming we get to name the baby... we plan on giving the baby a name from their birth family. So the birth mom's first name, birth dad's first name, a last name... something to help remind the child of their birth family. We'd love to have pictures of the birth family in the child's room and around the house. If the birth family does not feel comfortable with a lot of contact, that's okay for us too. We want to do what's best and comfortable for everyone involved. We hope everyone feels like their family is growing as the adoption progresses."

This is their LDS Family Services adoption profile here.

This is their "Hoping To Adopt" profile here.

And guess where they met?!? Too bad. You'll have to find out on their blog!!

This is their blog! :)

BTW. Happy Veterans Day??? haha.


  1. Thank you for doing this! I love your blog too. You sound amazing.

    Thanks Mallerie!

  2. I know Devin and Jared from church. They are a great couple!!

  3. First of all, your blog is so sweet. What a noble woman you are. You are my hero for giving your baby up for adoption & I wish you all of the happiness in the world in your new marriage!

    That was so nice of you to do! Jared is my brother and I am truly grateful for your sweet post!! Thanks so much. (What ever child gets them will be sooooo blessed! They are even better in person.)

  4. Thank you again for doing this for them! It looks amazing!