Tuesday, November 30, 2010

30. One Year Ago.

The time has finally come that it is indeed the last day of November and it's the end of National Adoption Month. My husband may be happy that I might actually get to sleep before 3 in the morning instead of furiously clicking the little buttons on the keyboard trying to finish and get a few hours of sleep before I have to work early in the morning. I may be happy so I feel like I have more of a social life ;) haha. But I loved every minute of it and showing you many great adoptive couples hoping to adopt. Many great birthmoms that I've had the privelege to meet. And as I am educating you or letting you be aware of adoption. I was educating myself. As some of you take on the challenge, I learned and have grown to love you. As I type, I learn from myself and it's just a great feeling. And I'm almost mostly glad it's over because I'm not a fan of writing a blog every single day. I just feel like I'm annoying the poo out of you guys.

If you aren't friends with  me on Facebook. You now know that a year ago today is the day that me and Tayler became an official couple. Oh yes. Isn't it great? I will tell of our story when we met.

Just a month before I signed up for LDS Singles.com. I signed up for fun figuring that I wasn't going to find anything serious out of it and just wanted to go on some dates. I needed to get over a certain someone. And you know, my subscription was about to end and I was like, let's give this another shot. So I got home from Oregon in the beginning of November. I did the stupid personality tests to see who was my match. And he was right smack-dab-inthemiddle of the screen. If that's not a sign. I don't know what is. I thought his prof picture was pretty adorable. So you can see who viewed your profile and he noticed I viewed. So he sent me this gay/precious "flirt" and I just sent him a message and pretty much said, "Let's cut to the chase. You're hot. I'm hot. Let's meet up. Here's my number. Text me if you have the guts."

I was at work and I got a text from an Idaho number that said, "Oh. I have the guts." And so we texted for a good 5 days. Then I got sick of texting and called him. We talked for a few hours or so.  Every single night. He worked until like one in the morning but I didn't care. Before we officially met I told him about Olivia. He tells me, in his mind, when I told him that he thought maybe we shouldn't date because I recenty had a child. But he had a feeling that we should keep talking. And BOY am I GLAD he did?!

We made a beautiful, spontaneous trip to Burley, Idaho. He was currently living in Boise going to school and working. And I was in Utah. On November 29, I drove out to Idaho and we met in the most romantic spot there. The Walmart parking lot. I got so nervous I locked my keys in my car. His mom later had to help me break into my car. We hugged and he practically fed me TO THE WOLVES. All of his family live in Idaho and so I got to meet his family on our first date and I got to meet some of his very best friends from high school.

After we rescued my car, I stayed in his grandparent's basement. We had to say a quick goodbye until tomorrow and so I went in for a hug and HE kissed ME! If you hear his story, he will always say that I kissed him. But I'd like to think of it is as a mutual meeting.

The next day, we were kind of chillaxing. Either watching The Proposal or Edward Scissorhands. And I stole his phone and got on his Facebook and wrote on his status, "I have a hot girlfriend!" And he read it and he goes, "I guess I do huh?" I said, "You guess?!" He said, "Well, I haven't even asked you to be my girlfriend!" I said, "Yeah. You were thinking it though." He said, "Yeah. Probably. So, will you be..." Me: YES!!! :)

And it only goes uphill? downhill? from here. I don't know what the saying is. I would think downhill because it's more fun to roll down then hike uphill. Who knows. Whatever it is. IT'S AMAZING. And I love him.



Groomals whilest engaged:


Tayler is a wonderful man. He takes such good care of me. I know when I have my bad days or I miss Olivia. He won't let me just go off into a corner and grieve by myself (which I really prefer to do). He wants me to talk it all out and just let it out. Possibly so he wouldn't have to deal with it later. Haha. But I think that has helped me emotionally. Because I used to be like, "All right. I will cry for an hour and be done." And possibly do it like once or twice a week. Now it's like, I can cry for 3 hours once or twice a month (or depending on the anniversary/holiday coming up). And he'd still be there trying to coax me and hold me and just listen. He doesn't have to give me words of advice. He just has to listen. I give him permission to doze off as I talk because I know I'm quite boring, crying over the same thing a lot. But he doesn't care.

He also answered some questions for me a while back and I posted it earlier this month. He's willing to help me out with anything. When I was sick, he made a bubble bath for me and let me just listen to T-Swift's new album while he cleaned the kitchen and living room. I don't know about you but I think that's being treated like royalty, right there. :) I know he was quite nervous to meet Olivia in January and she loved him so much, he got her to go to sleep on his chest.

Even now, she won't run to me. She'll run to him and let him pick her up. It's super cute. I knew I couldn't just marry anybody and that Olivia had to approve. And I believe she does.

In the past year, Tayler and I may have had our ups and downs. But that has never stopped us from loving each other. No matter how far the distance. We were always there for each other. You showed me how to love completely, fearlessly. I put my guard down and I fell and you caught me. The one and only one who did. You amaze me to no end and continue to everyday. I coudn't ask for a better best friend and husband. Thank you for always being there. And I'm always here for you! I don't think anyone has ever given me as many flowers, hugs, kisses and shown me as much love as you have. I don't know how I ever became this lucky. But I'm so lucky to have you for the rest of my life!

We will be sealed on our one year anniversary. Which happens to be in 298 days. In 9ish months, eternity starts with you. I'm so stoked for the day to walk into the Temple with my husband and walk out as eternal companions. :)

I'm loving you forever, T.

Forever & Always,
Your S.


  1. Girl, our stories are so much a like....I know I keep saying that, but it's so true, aside from you having an open adoption, and we're not the same religion, but still, I met my husband online, on a site that I joined just for fun, and we did the long distance thing too...And my son was 2 months when I met him, and 3 months when we started officially dating. CRAZY! What a cute story and a he sounds like the most awesome guy ever, well, next to my husband ;) hehe

  2. When you guys go to the temple, I will totally do your post-sealing temple pictures, no charge. I think you are such an amazing couple!!! I can't wait to see what is in store for you! ~Crystal

  3. @crystal. That would be super sweet of you. I would love that! thank you so much. You're amazing :)

    @amanda. We will have to chat it up sometime!

  4. We shall :) I'll add you on facebook, if that's okay :)

  5. Aww this post made me smile and cry a little.
    Congratulations :)

  6. Stefanie... I love this. Alot. Yeah for happy stories

  7. That's such a cute Story!!! :D Love it! haha! :D