Tuesday, May 18, 2010


Tayler was in town for the weekend. I hadn't seen him in two weeks (I know, boo freaking hoo).

Just the highlights of the weekend.

Sunday- We went on a walk around the neighborhood. Honestly just walked around hand in hand. Talking about our future and everything else going on in our lives. We're hopeless romantics. :)
I wore the wrong shoes though and MASSIVE blisters on my big toes. No beuno.

Monday- We went to 5 Guys. MMMM.

Sunday night, we registered online at Wal*Mart. Tayler works for Wal*Mart major discounts for us anyway? I think YES. Then the rest of the day until about 5 we were at Bed, Bath and Beyond. We went around the whole store doing the scanning thing for fun. It was a blast. I haven't decided yet if we're going to register at Kohl's too.
We went to Wadley Farms where we'll be having our ceremony and reception. It'll seriously look SO awesome in September. Definitely a "Love Story" Romeo&Juliet vibe. Tayler was sort of funny at the WF. He told me that he just imagined everything and it made him just nervous/excited to see it all coming together. It's like reality hit him, OHHH. I am getting married! It was kind of the same for me.

#1- This is just a building that they have there. The top part is an apartment that they rented out to UVU students. The balcony doors don't even open but I thought the bottom part would be cool for pictures and around the stone wall through the door. That same building on the lower floor is the brides room. They were remolding so I didn't get a picture of it.

#2- This "Rapunzel" Tower, as my mom calls it, they're putting stairs in it and it'll be done by the time me and Tayler get married :)

#3- Fountain. It'll be running. It's infront of the railroadhouse that we rented for the reception part.
#4- The Railroadhouse

#5- The Gazebo where the ceremony will take place. Also where we'll be standing for the line. The father/daughter dance the "first" dance will take place in there. It'll look A LOT better in the summer it'll be covered in leaves and such.

#6- The grooms cottage. ADORABLE.

They have other things like a buggy that we'll be putting the gifts in.
We went out to dinner with my parents at the Pizza Factory.

We stayed up late and watched the season finale of Gossip Girl. I'm devastated by it. My heart can't handle that much drama.

We also watched Tough Love Couples.

Tayler left this morning. :( I'll probably see him again around his birthday which is June 7. He'll be 22!

I graduate tomorrow from MATC where I did my dental assisting. After I get my certificate I'll definitely be out there and hopefully get a job VERY soon.

I also wanted to get everyone else's opinion on this topic. I'm just going to ramble a little bit. I don't know what you all really want to hear from me since this blog was for during my pregnancy and during placement. I don't really know what to talk about since placement has happened. I think I have dealt with a lot of aspects of the adoption head on. I definitely am not saying I'm "cured" or "over it." I have a sense of I have moved on from the pain of placement. I'm sure every once in a while I do have some sort of break down from it. But that's occasionally.
Dustinn, Val, Bradshaw, and Olivia will always play a big part in my life. D&V have always been close family friends and probably even closer now since all of this. Oh man, I didn't think I'd actually tear up from typing this but I am. It's completely unreal to think about looking back maybe 5 years ago from actually meeting them and thinking they could play a big role in my life, personally. Dustinn and my brother in-law Joseph are BFF's. To just even think back when they were like 8 years old that Joseph could also play a part in blessing their lives by marrying my sister. And that D&V were able to contact my sister when they found out my situation. That I can also remember them and remember they'd come over and play games. Or when Erika made their wedding video. You just never know how much your little connections with somebody in your life could turn into this HUGE impact.
Anyway, I'm sort of getting off topic. I just don't know where to leave off on this blog. Do you think I should continue this blog when things with adoption do come up and have a personal blog on the side for when me and Tayler get married? Or should I just keep using this as a personal blog? With my everyday life- I just don't know how much adoption would be brought up anymore. I just don't know what you all want to hear. You can give me ideas via comments. I've sort of contemplated making a formspring again just so you can ask me questions and if I feel like I should put the question on here and make it sort of a blog post of the week. I totally will. IF I do make one, please refrain from inappropriate questions. I shouldn't have to make a list for you because it's common sense what to ask somebody and what not. I am pretty open about somethings and I do sometimes have a short fuse and/or low tolerance for stupidity. ;)

So vote.

Keep this as my personal blog?


Keep as an adoption blog and make a separate blog?

And should I give my formspring another shot?

Let me know your ideas also :) Thanks!


  1. Adoption, marriage, life...it's all yours. Just keep the one blog, and post about what you want to, when you want to.

  2. BTW I LOVE where you are getting married at! So picturesque and romantic!

  3. I agree... I have switched blogs several times and I kind of regret it.. I wish everything was in one spot. Like your blog says its your journey and where you're going... if marriage and all that jazz is the next step, go for it :) Can't wait to see how it all turns out!

  4. I say stay with this blog. It would get too confusing to have several different blogs on different subjects. This is your "journey" as you put it in the title so I don't think that's only adoption.. I think that's also what's going on in your life. Whatever you do, don't stop blogging! I love reading about what happening in your life :)

  5. O.k. you don't really know me other then the few times I have commented, so I don't know how much my opinion matters but I say keep just the one blog. I have a couple of blogs and it sucks having to keep up with them all. I have neglected one of them for so long I forget I have it. This blog is your journey. Your journey isn't over. To me, you started it when your were pregnant and went through placement, now you are starting a new chapter of your journey. So there's my two cents.

  6. Oh, and you and Tayler are so cute together! So happy for you! Wadley Farms is beautiful! I've never heard of it (we just moved back to Utah so there you go). It's trully gorgeous and will be a beautiful backdrop for your special day! Congrats on graduating tomorrow! So exciting!
    And on the formspring thing, I think you will have to go with how you feel. I hope you do give it another shot though. I enjoyed reading your posts (wow, I sound like a stalker, I promise I'm not!)

  7. I like your blog. I try to not to get too personal with what's in my life because of how others are involved but as of lately I have been kind of starting a little more about everyday life.

  8. I have a seperate adoption blog and then a blog about all the other stuff in my life. The reason I did this is I didn't start talking about my adoption online until about a year ago. I think it's a good idea to just have one blog. I love where you are getting married too super cute!

  9. Those Farms are GORGEOUS! I'm going to have SO much fun doing your video. But I'm not gonna lie, I wish I could be taking pictures instead. :)

    I'd say to keep your blog as it is because your whole life will be touched by the adoption.

    And don't do formspring again.

  10. :) Love the pictures!:) I agree keep it all here! This is your place! Blog about what you want when you want!!

  11. I like that this blog is called "Stefanie Jinelle's Journey" because that's what it is. And getting married is part of it. I say, keep everything on this blog.

    PS: WF looks amazing!

  12. I love your blog!! I've been reading for a long time. I would love to be able to get your take on marriage and being a newlywed. Love your writing style. And basically, you always say what I'm thinking...but I'm too afraid to say it out loud.
    My vote would be to keep it all in one spot. But, if you decide to make another one - since it is your decision and your life, lol - I hope we get pointed in that direction!


  13. I agree with what's been said. This is your blog, share whatever comes to mind!!

  14. I really like the 5 Guys fry picture! fun/artsy.
    Whether to have one blog or two is a hard decision. I read an article saying it's important for your blog to have a niche. But it also depends on if you'd have time/desire to keep up with multiple blogs.
    I think it all comes down to what sounds the most enjoyable to you. Whatever you can envision and would be the most comfortable with.
    haha. I love how/what you write and will be a follower (stalker?) regardless.

    PS It's fascinating to think about the many experiences with your family/Capt. preparing the way for our lives to be so greatly blessed by you. I can picture you 13/14? long straight hair, seemed quiet shy oh-so-pretty typing on the computer up above where we were playing Acquire and Settlers. haha feels like yesterday in a way.

  15. Stef I LOVE reading about what is going on in your life now as well as your adoption journey. I think its all part of who you are and I love that you have it all right here. Plus I think that seeing how you are moving forward past placement is very healing for other birth moms/adoptive couples. You are AMAZING girly!

  16. See I didn't even know you started this for adoption. I just really like reading what you write. I think you can do this like a online journal. Just blog about your day to day life! Id like it!!!

  17. That looks like such an awesome place to get married, the photos shold be beautiful!

    I say keep it, your blog is to write about whatever you want right?
    I've thought about having a seperate blog for mummy type things, Japan type things etc. but in the end I think if someone reads you it's because they're interested in your writing/life/story, not just a certain topic.

    Love your blog and positive outlook by the way!

  18. Hey everyone. I appreciate what everyone has said. :) And I guess the winner is keeping this blog. I just wanted to make sure we were all on the same page with everything.
    Thank you! And my formspring is up and running!

    Thanks for reading you all are incredible. :)

  19. I have been following your blog for awhile and would love to see you keep going as you are. Your journey is about everything and makes you who you are. Even though I don't know you I am thrilled to see how your life is growing and moving forward and I wish you lots of happiness. I think my friend got married in the same place and it was beautiful.

  20. I Like the idea of keeping this blog Stef! :D Cause, your journey hasn't ended, nor has it started over, it is changing, and we want to hear about your journey through life whether it's updates about Olivia! Wedding updates for your upcoming wedding. Your life with Tayler, etc... You are an amazing person just the same! :D