Wednesday, May 5, 2010


Sometimes I get little reminders every once in a while that adoption truly is AMAZING.

This morning, I started out my day. I was running a little bit late and had to bring chips and salsa to work to celebrate Cinco De Mayo. I saw the card that Dustinn and Val sent me on the counter. And I wasn't sure if I should bring it or not. A few people at the dental office, that I intern at, know about Olivia. But I wasn't really ever thinking of going around and showing pictures of her. I didn't know if that would be inappropriate in any way. But you know, if they ask, I'll show them. I had a feeling to just bring it. So I did.

Early in the morning, I had some kid's cleanings. They were all from the same family. 3 boys. THE cutest kids I had ever seen. Ages 10, 8, and 4. But they all looked slightly different from each other. And when the mother came in to sit down with them. I realized all of her kids had blue eyes and she had brown eyes. I didn't want to ask or say anything so I just sat there and listened. And one of her kids had a crossbite. And the dentist asked the mom if she had a crossbite. She said, "Well, no. My kids are actually adopted."

The little 4 year old (SO CUTE and a BIG FLIRT) walked up to me and said, "Can I have a balloon?" So I was making balloons for all the kids and I told the mom, "So I just wanted to tell you that's awesome that you adopted your kids. I'm a birthmom." And she's like, "You are?!!" And the oldest asks, "She's a what?" And the mom said, "She's a birthmom!" She looked at me like I was this celebrity. I thought it was super sweet. I asked her about the adoptions and if they were open. Because you know, 10 years ago, open adoptions weren't very common. She said that all of them were. And she asked me what the best thing the adoptive couple had done for me. I just told her you know, e-mails and updates, pictures whenever. I told her about the dress. I showed her the picture (Complimented up and down about how beautiful she is- I know). And she pretty much said, "I adore you and respect you for your decision to place. It's a tough thing and you're so courageous."
That probably wasn't word for word but that's what was pretty much said.

I love adoption. And all the lives it touches. It helps families grow, helps emotional wounds heal, so many blessings. How can you not love it? :) I'm so very grateful for my open adoption and the love and support I have from my family, friends, ahem- blog readers/stalkers, my fiance and especially from D,V, B&O. I love you all!


  1. awww good post! that's so cool that u had the feeling to bring the card! :o)

  2. Neat-o how your gut told you to bring the picture. There are no words to explain fully how wonderful adoption is.

  3. That is awesome! :-D That gave me goose bumps and brought tears to my eyes. It always amazes me that when you are open to others about adoption how much it really is all around us! I remember when I was pregnant it seemed like everyone we ran into had a story about someone or people they knew who had adopted/given someone up for adoption. It's just a blessing.

  4. awwww, I couldn't agree more with you! Adoption is sooooo wonderful and it blesses so many people. A BIG thank you and hug to all of you wonderful birth parents!

  5. I think when I meet birth moms I am in awe of them too. I almost feel like they are a class of their own! Like in Heaven, you got the saints... well there must be "THE BIRTH MOMS" and all the people who walk behind them honor them because... they did a christ like act and they are filled with pure love and unselfishness.
    I think its great you were looked at like that!
    I wanted to say Happy BIRTH MOTHERS DAY EARLY! Thank you for all you have done, for helping someone else be a Parent!