Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Thank You, America

Minutes after winning American Idol- Lee walked up to me and said, "Hey get a picture with me." I said, "Okay."
yeah, i'm a bit pathetic

This song seems fitting for the win tonight.


  1. I am SO jealous you got your picture with him ;) HAHA

  2. Oh man, who originally sung this song?! I haven't watched idol since Gina was on-- I went to high school with her. But, I LOVE this song! I haven't heard it in years!

  3. @Kate- Leonard Cohen wrote the song and recorded it in 1984 (Googled that bit). Kris Allen sang it earlier this season for Idol Gives Back. All proceeds went to Haiti.

    @Candace- I felt honored that he wanted a picture of me. I couldn't let the poor guy down. His quirky smile. I couldn't say no. ;) haha.