Tuesday, November 23, 2010

23. Hoping To Adopt: Jared and Mary

Jared and Mary were set up on a blind date by a mutual friend and have been married for ten years. They have been foster parents to four children and were blessed to adopt their daughter three years ago thanks to a birthmother's love. They are hoping to add more children to their family through another adoption miracle.

Mary is a full-time stay at home mom and would like to go back to school for a Master's Degree in Social Work or Marriage and Family Therapy when her children are older.

Jared works as an investigator for a government agency and enjoys spendng his free time with his family camping, traveling, and watching movies.

To learn more about their family see their adoption profile here.

I love Mary's blog! I think it's fantastic :)

I like this blog post by her.
And this one!

P.S. Olivia is 14 months old today!


  1. I just saw your sweet comment on Mrs. R's blog and I just had to hop over and say thank you! It is actually funny, because I have read your blog enough to recognize your picture when I saw it on Emmalee's computer. I told my mother in law..."ummmm....I feel like a total crepper because I totally recognize that girl on the picture on Emmalee's computer and know her story!"

    Small world huh? Here's to hoping you'll be at their reception so that I can meet you IRL and give you a hug! :)

  2. Happy 14 months! Cute picture!