Monday, November 15, 2010

15. Reminder and Wedding Stuffs :)

I know we're supposed to blog about adoption this month but I couldn't help but share some of my favorite pictures from my wedding. Olivia is included. :)

 Valery, Bradshaw and Olivia were at my wedding. Dustinn couldn't come because he had school but we missed him! :) Valery was my Matron of Honor and Olivia was one of my cute flower girls and Bradshaw was a ringbearer.

I love open adoption! Hearts.

Check out more pictures on my Facebook (I have 3 albums of my wedding pictures! I couldn't pick my favorites so I chose them all!)

This is my photographer's website. Her name is Crystal and she does an AMAZING job. And just a reminder. Sharon has teamed up with her to do a giveaway, She's doing a blog design giveaway and also for the month of November she'll be doing $99 photo sessions for families hoping to adopt or have been blessed through adoption or birthfamilies. :) Seriously, this deal is INCREDIBLE. You will regret it, if you miss out!

Oh! And Desha asked me to guestblog. So here's my bloggy blog. ADOPTION stuffs! CLICK HERE.


  1. Beautiful photos.
    Open adoption is a wonderfull thing :)

  2. Stefanie, i always love reading what you have to say. You are such an example to me, and i love you so much :) I love all of these photos too!

  3. Your pictures are beautiful! Your wedding looks so gorgeous! Congrats again Stefanie

  4. I love your cake!
    And the picture of your hubby dipping you down and kissing you? SO CUTE.

  5. ooooo who did your new header? I like.

  6. Wow, these are simply stunning!!

  7. Thanks everyone. I absolutely love my wedding pictures. :)

    @erika. I made it. I know all by myself. I'm so talented. Haha.

  8. That is so neat that they were able to come, and were willing to be involved, I invited my son's family to my wedding, but they didn't make it, didn't even give me a reason as to why they wouldn't be there, or that they even got my invitation. But that is great that they were there, and you were able to share that special day with her, and it will mean that much more when she's older!

  9. gorgeous photos! I love your shoes:)
    Open adoption is wonderful. My daughter was able to come to my wedding as well and it made the day even better!