Sunday, November 21, 2010

21. Hoping To Adopt: Daniel and Lyndsie

So, this is how I found Lyndsie and Daniel. They were following my blog and sometimes I will just look through who is following and see their blogs. And they were like either the first or second ones on there and I clicked on their blog link. And the first post I happened to find was, "How Can We Pray For You or Rejoice With You?" And they had little prayer requests. So it's almost like a prayer roll. I thought it was darling. And so thoughtful to think of others when I'm sure they've had their fair share of struggles in their own life. But I think they are a completely amazing couple. A few days later Lyndsie e-mailed me and added me as a friend on Facebook and just talking to her she is so friendly and so genuine. I couldn't help but offer to do this for her and her husband. :) I don't know them very much, but they've touched a very special place in my heart.
And my stomach. Baha. She had a post a little later and she had a recipe for chocolate chip cheesecake. And if you know me, you just became my best friend if you offer me cheesecake! I feel as though we are BFF's now. Haha!

Daniel and Lyndsie have known each other for almost 11 years and have been married just a little over a year and a half. They both come from big families. (Lyndsie is the oldest of 9 children and Daniel is one of 8.)

Daniel and Lyndsie love children and have always know that they wanted to have a family. Unfortunately, at the age of 21 Lyndsie had a total hysterectomy and are unable to have children. Not long after they were married they knew that they were ready to start a family. They have been pursuing adoption privately for a couple of months now.

Daniel has been blessed with a wonderful job and Lyndsie is a stay at home wife and hopes to be a stay at home mommy soon!! :)

Daniel and Lyndsie live in Georgia. 
They have no other children.
They are open to both- a open or closed adoption. 
They are extremely close to their families.
Daniel and Lyndsie are very outgoing and are a fun loving couple who still get mistaken for newlyweds. :) (which Lyndsie loves) They have been best friends for almost 11 years now and enjoy spending time together and also with their friends and family. They were both raised in wonderful Christian homes and some of their very best friends are their brothers and sisters.

They enjoy taking trips to the beach in the Summer and going to the mountains during the holidays. 
If you know someone or you are looking to place your baby for adoption, keep in mind this very sweet couple!

If you'd like to get to know more about Daniel and Lyndsie go to their blog :)

If you'd like to contact them their e-mail is:

They have just created a facebook page so if you would like to spread the word about them hoping to adopt their love worth waiting for, like it and post it on your profile.

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  1. Oh my gosh. I read her post about her testimony & getting cancer at 19... Wow so sad I'm crying but they seem like an amazing couple.