Friday, November 5, 2010

5. Hoping to Adopt. Holly and Nathan.

Holly and Nathan met at Utah State University in the music department. After knowing each other for a year they had a quick courtship, and an even quicker engagement. They were married February 1, 2002 in the Logan, Utah LDS Temple. Nathan is employed by the US Navy...but it isn't as scary as it sounds. He's a musician, which means he'll never go to war. (Pfew!) But what it does mean is that he is one of the lucky people who get paid to do what he loves.

They currently live in Chicago. They've been trying to add children to our family for over six years. It has been a long struggle, but has taught them a lot about each other. This may sound crazy but they are excited for the day when we'll be up at 3am with a screaming baby. They will gladly take on all the challenges parenting brings, and do so with a sense of humor.

They read adoption blogs online and hope to be lucky enough to have an open adoption. They want to be able to talk, email, text, chat, skype and swap pics with our children's birthfamilies. And not to sound like we're bribing anyone, but being in the Navy we will get to live in some pretty cool places (like Hawaii and Italy and San Diego and Japan) and we love visitors!
Holly has always wanted a "sister" out of their adoptions. She grew up as the only girl and has always wanted a sister. How sweet is that??!
I know when I said Chicago you probably thought, isn't that where Stefanie's Dustinn and Val live? You're correct! Val and Holly know each other through FSA and Val just ADORES Holly and she thinks of her highly and knows she's going to be a great mother. So if you don't take my word for them, take Val's :)
If you think Holly is your "sister" check out their adoption profile here.

If you want to read more about Holly and Nathan check out their blog here!


  1. I know these two very well, we went to school at USU together. They really are amazing, and will be incredible parents!

  2. I love that we're "Stefanie's Dustinn and Val." That line really made me smile.

    AND this post makes me so happy too!

    Yes, I absolutely will vouch for Nate & Holly!

    When we met Holly, Dustinn and I both thought we knew her from somewhere. But we were stumped as to where.
    Then we realized what it was. Her personality (aura?). She is so warm, real, genuine, FUN, happy. Can't wait to see this wonderful couple holding their baby in their arms and the love that they will lavish.

  3. Thanks're making me get all teary over here. :)