Monday, November 8, 2010

8.Hoping To Adopt: Kevin & Nicole

Kevin and Nicole met when they were nine years old (Holy Cow! Totally sounds like a Taylor Swift song ;) ), and have been best friends their whole lives. Oregon is our home in our hearts and we love the Pacific Northwest! They are currently living in Nebraska. They've been married for almost 11 years and have one beautiful little boy, Noah. He is almost four and is their whole world. :) We enjoy a very open adoption with Noah's birthmother and her family. Noah recently acted as the ring bearer at her wedding a few months ago and it was an amazing moment for all them. They both went to BYU for their undergrad degrees and then to Indiana University for graduate school. Kevin has a Juris Doctorate and Nicole has a Master's in Public Health, although she loves being home with Noah. A job brought them to Nebraska over two years ago and we love it! Adoption has made them a family after many years of hoping for children and we can't wait to find their next little one :)

 Noah and his birthmom at her wedding!

Check out Kevin and Nicole's Adoption Profile HERE!
 Noah and their puppy, Abbie! SO CUTE!

To read more about Kevin and Nicole's family check out their BLOG!

If you'd like to get a hold of Kevin and Nicole here is their e-mail:

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  1. Noah is SO CUTE!
    I love their family picture at the top. And the sweet ring bearer picture.