Monday, April 27, 2009


His name is Jasper and he's the cutest kitten in the WORLD.

Right now I'm awaiting a call from an orthodontic office so I can extern there. They're a new office so it'd be cool if they just openly gave me a spot. Yep.
I decided I didn't like the office I was externing at because of the dental assistant there. :/

Also, I'm probably going out with my friend Kristyyyyyy if she doesn't have to work, to get some dresses from church. My car is in the shop right now so I won't be able to get it until 5. And I work at 5 until 9. Woot.

So I thought I would show off my precious kitty and my dog Angel, of course. :]


  1. How cute! Does Angel get along with him?

    So you quit your other externship already? Or are you staying there until you get a new one?

  2. That was a cute Video! :D hehehe! :D Jasper looks like he is still getting used to Angel! LOL! :D

  3. Jasper and Angel's first encounter wasn't bad at all. Until Jasper realized that Angel was a dog and freaked out.

    Yeah, I'm basically quitting there and hoping to start at the other one next week. They haven't called back but I'll call them tomorrow morning.