Sunday, April 12, 2009


I went to church today and I'm officially a member of the Lehi 31st singles ward. Go me. Ha. It was my first Sunday there. I slept in because I've been having these CRAZY dreams. But I did make it to Sunday school and Relief Society. I'm glad I went though especially on Easter. I cried during the bearing of testimonies in RS. But I have felt the spirit throughout the time I was there and kept thinking, "This is where I'm meant to be." It's a good feeling. And I love it. I'm looking forward to next Sunday and when I'm done with school to be going to FHE and some institute. It'll be cool.

Anyway, my crazy dreams, you will think I'm SO weird but I don't get to choose my dreams. The night before my dream was that N and I signed a marriage license at Wal*Mart. I guess we decided to get married at his work. And he didn't believe we were really married so he avoided for a while. Yep. Not a fun dream.

The one last night, N went with me to my ultrasound and I found out I was having a boy. I don't know if my dreams are telling me the future about what I'm having. I've had a few dreams now that I'm having a boy. But it might just be because I would like a boy. But I'll be happy with whatever I have. :]

Last night me and my friend went to the movie Knowing. I thought the ending was REALLY weird. We were just kind of like, Um... okay. Then we went cosmic bowling at Jack&Jill's. I love being able to go out and not have to worry about anything. It's so much fun!
I didn't take any pictures because I forgot my camera!

My birthday is in two weeks. I have NO idea what I'm doing for my birthday. It's on a Sunday. I highly doubt I'll have a party. Maybe I'll go clubbing and just dance. Ha. Or sit at home and eat ice cream cake :] I love it. That sounds SO good right now. Go cravings.

Don't judge my journey until you've walked my path.


  1. OMG! have you seen the movie Where The Heart Is?????? you NEED to. The main character has a baby and gets married in a walmart.

  2. Yep. Totally own that movie. Thank you. I hope that will not be me.

  3. ha!! I hope not either! LOL! Yeah! Sunday was awesome!! I just hope I could have been there most of the time... but of course you know where I was at! LOl! :D But yeah! I am pretty much excited and it is nice knowing how you feel! :D Cause I felt the same way on my first Sunday at the singles ward! :D

  4. sorry that meant to be swimmingviolist... LOl!

  5. sorry... tigersue is my mom... LOL! it was supposed to me me! LOL! :D