Saturday, April 11, 2009

17 weeks.

Woot, I'm 17 weeks along as of yesterday.
I took a picture and all of a sudden I have popped out a belly!

I'll show you some pictures.

Tonight I'm going out with this girl I met at LDS family services. We're going to go see a movie (Knowing) and then go bowling or something. I'll take some pictures :]
Man, I talked to Loni (my caseworker) yesterday. I miss her. I saw her at our group on Wednesday but I miss talking to her. The blog is nice to write out your feelings but it's always good to talk to someone. She called me yesterday while I was work then I called her back and we talked about how the appointment did not go okay. Ha. She's awesome. I really appreciate her and all that she does, not just for me, but for other girls. It's her job, but she takes out the time in her day to talk to her clients about things and make sure they're doing okay. She rocks. Just a little grateful for her moment there!

Here are the pictures:Sorry, here's some skin for ya. Ha. This is me at 12 weeks.

And this is me from yesterday. 17 weeks. I look more tan in my 12 week photo. Dang it.

I take pictures from both sides because I always forget which side so I can do a little time line thing.17 weeeeeks baby!

Yeah, this post is kind of boring. Nothing really exciting has been going on. Just working and stuff.

Oh, I did talk to a really cute boy today that I used to work with at the other store. It was kind of funny because all we talked about was work. We are LAME.

7 more school days left!
15 more days until my birthday!
And 26 more days until my ultrasound!



  1. Wow, you are definitely showing more. :)
    Yay for cute boys! :)

  2. OMG! mine popped around 20 weeks i think....cant remember exactly. now i feel like a ticking bomb about to go off! :P

  3. I hear if you get bigger you get less sick. I don't know if it's true.