Thursday, August 5, 2010


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I love taking pictures. I thought it'd be fun to see the random pictures that I take throughout the day. So it's 31 pictures for 31 days. It's supposed to be for all the month of August. But I'll do it from August 5-September 5. I'll try my hardest. :)

My maid of honor and bridesmaids are doing my bridal shower in two weeks. And I've just been sort of bored at my house and asked if I could put together the invites. So here it is.

I know they look so great. That means... you need to go. The shower will be ten times more great.

And today, I did a practice run of my hair and make up for my bridals on the 14th. I'm SO excited. I rarely say it but I think I look AWESOME. Okay, I actually say that all the time. Haha!

Jasper also loves my dress.

I am stoic and creepy, above. :)

I hope you enjoy my pictues. I'd love to see yours!

Plus, I lack on blog updating. But picture blogs are easy for me :)


  1. I am SO excited to see all your pictures :) and I think you look awesome... love your invites! Man weddings make me so giddy haha

  2. Did you do your own makeup? It looks wonderful! I need to find someone to do mine because I am so bad at makeup! The whole look is gorgeous!

  3. I love your hair! Looks great. :) I'd maybe put the veil lower, though. I don't know. That's funny that Jasper likes your dress.