Thursday, August 19, 2010


Baha. This post will be short but I got out of work today and to my right is my car. To the left is someone LOVING on my car. Too funny.
So. I went to post placement today for the first time in a while. And I apologize to all the girls that were there. I had a pretty angry word vomit. My blog is apart of me to vent. But there are certain things I would LOVE to vent about. But I'm sure I'll get, "Be happy. Things turned out for the better." Or I'd just get angry e-mails saying I can't say that. Funny how people tell me what I should write on my blog. The last time I checked, it was mine.
I didn't realize how much anger and resentment I have built up. I guess apart of me doesn't understand why I feel this way. I don't think it's normal. Should it be? Should I be angry? I'm sorry to those- but I do feel a little bit... off. Maybe it's stress? Maybe it's just another step in the grieving process? I can't seem to find the right words to say anymore.
Anger. Frustration. Confusion.
More tomorrow? We'll see.
Andee gets married tomorrow :) I'm SO excited for her! Congrats to her and Tyson!
P.S. I regret to inform. The blog below that I posted about the (birth)grandmother has gone private. :(


  1. Oh no :( I didn't want that blog to go private! That was so raw for what someone goes through in the adoption process. I loved it

  2. Love that car picture! and yeah, somedays I am crazy angry and just on edge. it usually happens when i've been dwelling on it all. :/

  3. Come on girl go ahead and vent! You've never held back before ha. & anyway it's like you've said many time this blog is for YOU! <3

  4. This is YOUR blog. Say whatever the heck you want! Don't let a few jerks bully you into holding back or privatizing your posts.
    If you can't vent here, then where can you?

    Also, anger is DEFINITELY part of the grieving process. Don't worry- it will get better. I promise.

  5. I agree this is your blog! You can say and write whatever you want to say, and if people get offended, that's their problem... :P
    I Loved that blog! I'm sad cause I wanted to keep on reading it! It was like a book to me(kind of weird, but I was seriously wanting to know what was next! I only got to July... :( I totally wanted to follow to see what would happen!