Saturday, August 7, 2010


We get plenty of animals that come through the drive thru at my work. It's like a serious portable pet store. I even had someone come in with their cat on their lap. Now, I desire a cat that will drive around with me everywhere and not want to bite me every .45389475 seconds. This dog came through the drive thru and because of it's spots. I seriously thought it was a cow. I about peed. I was like, are you kidding me? A cow in your truck bed? I get we're from Utah... but no.
This is my cowdog. I now desire one. It has to be part great dane or something.
Today, I worked. And I just finished e-mailing, calling, and leaving messages for apartments. Hopefully we will hear back from one soon. I will continue my search until I find the perfect apartment. :)
I thought of an idea to blog about. I will do that tomorrow. So look out for it :)
I have officially been kicked off making my bridal shower invitations. My friend who is in charge of it got all the invitations back from me and won't return them. She won't let me because I'm not supposed to be doing anything. I guess I just like being in control and I can't. Haha. I just want everything to be perfect.
It's been 5 months since my best friend, Jessica, passed away.
I miss her everyday.


  1. That picture is awesome I am laughing so hard because living in Cache Valley seriously we have so many cows everywhere, and that dog would totally fit in! Love your blog girly
    Ps If you get sick of me commenting just don't publish them ha

  2. Oh no! I could never get sick of your comments!! I love reading them. :) And I love your blog. Braxten is SO cute. I want to hug him.