Sunday, August 15, 2010

21. Apartment

We have a place! :)

We found a basement apartment in Lehi. And it's a really good location for the both of us. I move in the 1st of September. It's in our budget and it's just a really great starter place for us. I'm so grateful we found something. I was pretty down in the dumps and thinking we weren't going to find a place. But now we have one! It's one bed/one bath. I'm excited to move in already!

The kitchen

The bathroom

The master bedroom


  1. I can't wait to see some pictures after you guys decorate it.

  2. looks great! congrats on finding it!! the best part is yet to come! the decorating!! enjoy!

  3. Fancy! way sweeter than our first place....Wahoo!!

  4. Ur making me soo excited to move in my with boyfriend =]] So bad I know haha. This is super cute though Stef!! Exactly the kind of place we're looking for! =]

  5. Looks really new. The bathroom looks huge and fancy. How fun. Can't wait for you two to start building memories in your first home.