Friday, August 13, 2010


Tayler arrived into town yesterday, sorry! I hate when I slack when I try to push myself to do something. Atleast it's only been two days.
Yesterday was my nephew's first birthday :) I remember this time last year, I was SO excited and so ready to have Olivia. I kept saying after my sister had her baby that I was going to be next. That's so crazy to me how fast a year really does go by. I can't believe it.

Happy birthday, Optimus Prime!

Before Tayler got here, I got my nails done! (Red glitter toes to match my wedding colors. haha. There is a bunch of animal hair on my toes. So if you're curious to all the fuzzies. I don't grow toe hair. And acrylic for my finger nails. The white part is all sparkly.)
I get my nails done at the Pink Parlour on main street in American Fork. They all speak English in the salon.

Oh. And Tayler was here to watch the meteor shower with me :)

I've definitely been less stressed since Tayler has been here. Only cause I get to share the stress with him now. Haha. It's been hard being a state away and just feeling like I have to do everything on my own. Like, look for apartments and get beat to the nice ones. Today, we're hoping that our luck took a turn for the better. We found a basement apartment that meets our budget and what we want. I will post pictures as soon as I know that it's OURS! EEK. The Despain abode. Can't wait.

I would probably move in the first of September. We looked at it tonight and the lady who is renting out her basement apartment said we were like the PERFECT candidates that she wants to rent to. :) Crossing my fingers this all works out. I'm done with being stressed.

Tomorrow, Tayler and I are getting our "groomal" pictures. Hopefully I'll be able to post at least one picture from them tomorrow!!

Anyway, I need to go cuddle with my almost husband. BYE. :)

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  1. I remember talking to you while I was in labor! :) Thanks for the shout out to OP. I love that people on facebook think you are talking about the Transformer. :)

    Good luck on getting your apartment.