Tuesday, August 31, 2010

5. Peekchas

This adorable baby is not yours, truly. It is indeed my future husband as an infant. My older sister, Erika is doing a photo montage for our wedding and I get to scan the cute/embarrassing childhood pictures of Tayler. :)

I'm moving out tomorrow! I would just like you to know. We practically have NOTHING. haha. We have a desk and chairs. No table, no bed, no couch. I will most likely be sleeping on an air matress. I'm just that cool.

Enjoy our groomals that my photog posted. Best. Ever.


  1. My husband and I slept on an air matress for 6 months. We got a couch a year after marriage. We sat in those outside camp chairs before. We just barely got a real kitchen table after over 2 years of marriage. We used a card table before that. You make things work. The important part is being together and making the best of the first years. It can be a struggle for a bit but it is worth it.

  2. @myshel

    WTF. I went to post one of my baby pictures on your fb and we're not EFFING friends. When the heck did this happen????!!!