Monday, August 16, 2010

20. Emotional Cat & New Blog Name

Jasper cries. Literally. Tears are coming out of his eyes. Ha!
I guess my fiesty kitty does have a sensitive side.
So. I realized since I'll be getting married next month that I need to change my blog name. I'm not alone in my journey anymore. I've been trying to think of some cute names with Tayler's and my new last name. Here are some examples: Mr&Mrs. D. or The Despain Diaries. or The Daily Despain. I will probably make a poll sometime soon and if any of you have any ideas. Let me know. :) They might even show up in my poll if I like them enough ;) I'll probably change it in a few weeks or after I'm married. We'll see.
I think it's finally setting in that it's really happening. My bridal shower is in two weeks and then I'll be able to move in into our little apartment. I'm glad things are finally falling into place.
Tayler's mom seems to be getting more involved or asking about stuff. So maybe she's finally coming to terms? I don't know. I haven't talked to her directly but I wrote her e-mail and she hasn't said anything back. This could get interesting.
Anyway. I'm pooooooped. I've been working ALL day. I sleep.

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  1. I love the alliteration of Despain. Any of those would be fun blog titles.
    What made Jasper teary? I've never seen a cat do that.