Saturday, August 28, 2010

9. Another Late Night

I seriously just got home from work. And yes, my bridal shower is in 10 hours. Woo hoo! Before work I went to the eye doctor and I'm getting glasses! Only for driving. I can't see from far away. I know. I bet you feel really safe on the roads now, knowing that I'm driving pretty much blind. Just kidding. I'm not that blind.

I rock the nerd look.

For my bridal shower, I'm making a video slide show of pictures of me and Tayler. I made it for his birthday in June. So I'm just adding on our engagements. Lets pray the DVD will work.

My photographer is being a tease. ;) She posted one picture of my bridals. She sent me a preview of all the rest and is sending me a CD. She's seriously AWESOME. I LOOOOOOVE and ADORE the pictures. It makes me so excited to be married already!

Since it's 1. 4 days until I move into mine & T's apartment. A place to call our own. :) He's still in Idaho and he'll move in when we're married. I can't wait. Oh bliss.


  1. you DO totally rock the nerd look. Love it.

    and GORGEOUS photo! Who's your photographer?!

  2. Her name is Crystal. The business is called envision image photography. :)

  3. I LOVE the bridal picture! It's beautiful. :]
    Can't wait to see the rest!

  4. I Love you in Glasses! You look way cute! I gotta find my glasses, I hate wearing them... but i gotta start wearing them everyday... :P