Sunday, October 31, 2010


Happy official Halloween!

I say that since everyone has been complaining that Halloween was celebrated Friday, Saturday and today this year. I'm just saying it has NOTHING to do with the fact that we live in the state of Utah and no one celebrates it on Sunday. I'm pretty sure a lot of people work Monday-Friday and dress up for work on Friday. I dressed up on Thursday at the dental office in these cute ghostie scrubs. Then on Saturday I dressed up at my work since we're not open on Sunday. If you are making a HUGE deal about the holidays being celebrated the day before because we live in Utah. Live somewhere else. Just Sayin'

My work costume: Bag of Jelly Belly's. I stole the idea from RuthAnn because mine and Tayler's costume was definitely a couple costume and we don't work together. The children LOVED me. Haha!

 Me and Wilbur. He was a Twinkie. If you couldn't tell by the big yellow costume.

 Mandy was Hermione. And we totally have a creeper in the background. HAHA!

Me and Tayler went to my friend's birthday/Halloween party when we both got off work. We were going to be Captain America and The Black Widow but I decided not to spend 60 bucks per costume. So instead. I opted to do a homemade costume.  We are Jack and Jill.

 Jack and Jill went up the hill
 to fetch a pail of water
 Jack fell down and broke his crown
 and Jill came tumbling after.

That was my Halloween fun. I had never dressed up with anybody else before for Halloween so that was fun to be a couple and share that together :) It just makes me excited to start having kids and dressing them up and taking them out trick or treating! I bought Olivia her Halloween costume this year. She was a strawberry. And THE cutest strawberry ever. Bradshaw was Buzz Lightyear. :) You can see pictures on Dustinn and Val's blog here.

The month of November is National Adoption Month for all of those that don't know that aren't associated with the adoption world. Mrs. R has given the challenge to post everyday for the month of November. I'm really going to try my hardest. Tomorrow, I'm going to have a really good post from her blog, actually. I read it and literally brought me to tears. I hope to have two guest bloggers this month and maybe do some spotlights. SO if you know anyone who is hoping to adopt send me an e-mail with their information and a little about them. Hook me up with their blog/profile and some pictures. Or even if it's YOU hoping to adopt. Do it! I want to do this for you. :) Sending my adoption LOOOOVE. My e-mail is in my about me or send me a facebook message.

And a week before Thanksgiving I was asked to do two high school presentations. :) At the high school that I attended! I'm excited to get this all started up again!


  1. Awesome costumes! I always like unique ones.
    I am friends with Valery (just so you don't think I'm some crazy stalker person).
    I'm also doing the National Adoption Month challenge...I'll be posting at
    I can't wait to read your posts!

  2. What high schools? Are there any more openings? I would love to go with you if there is room...


  3. Awesome costumes! I think it's awesome that you are speaking at high schools.I don't think that I could have ever done that.

  4. I'm not sure. A lady over the fsa school presentations emailed me. I'm going to lehi. I don't know if all the spots have been filled but I can ask.