Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Olivia's Birthday

Here we go with the massive blog posts.

I made Tayler stay up with me until midnight to sing happy birthday to Olivia. We made a video on Val's facebook. It seemed so surreal. I woke up and just went through my mind hour by hour what I would've been doing a year ago. But I wasn't sad. I was very happy with everything and where I was in that moment. I had found a family for Olivia. I found love.

My sister Erika was visiting with her family. They live in Oregon. I visited them about a month after I had Olivia so it was close to a year since I had seen them. They were here for my wedding and she was my videographer :)

Val had gotten up really early with Olivia and Bradshaw to get on a plane to Utah and they didn't get much of a nap so Olivia was so cranky. She didn't really want to be held by anyone but Val. Before you ask, it's not hard. I chose that. If I wanted her to come to me, I would've parented.

The funny thing was that she would go to TAYLER. Haha. Seriously. She would reach for him. It makes me feel a lot better to know that she's okay with that I married such an awesome guy ;)

This is who was in attendance of Olivia's birthday:

- Val, Bradshaw & Olivia (of course)
- Val's sister
- My parents
- Erika and her family
- Me and Tayler
- Nic and Jordyn
- Nic's younger sister
- Nic's brother and sister in-law

I think it's really neat that both sides of her birthfamily could be there to celebrate her birthday :) We sang happy birthday and she just dove into her cake and was not afraid to get messy, that's my girl!

Birthmommy love
Birthdaddy love
Momma & Daddy love

We went around and said what we each loved about Olivia.

I'm quoting from Jordyn's blog of what some people have said.

"I love the way that Olivia eats her cake. It's magnificant!"

"I love Olivia because she's the most beautiful birthdaughter ever!" *me

"I love Olivia because she's so happy and that's a good sign for my future children."
(Congrats N & J)

"I love Olivia because of her big blue eyes!"

"I love Olivia because she must be one special spirit to have so many people love her."
(I though that was SO sweet!)

"I love Olivia because she changed my life."

I know Olivia has changed my life. I feel as though I say it all the time but she's my inspiration and motivation. She makes me want to be better for her. She is a fabulous little girl and I'm so glad I got to share her first birthday with her and her family. (We missed you, Dustinn!) I'm so glad that she has been able to bless so many peoples lives, including mine. This was a perfect birthday for a perfect girl and there will be many more to come.

I spoiled her and got her so many cute clothes. I got a halloween costume for her, a strawberry! I got her a little stuffed animal pony and a book.

I love you, Livia :)

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  1. What a fun post! Thank you for all the sweet kind things you say about us and thank you for missing Dustinn (he had a hard time not being there.) It was nice to be all together; I'm sorry Olivia was feeling so shy and clinging. She really loved her fun presents. Can't wait to read more posts.