Saturday, October 30, 2010

Happy Birthday!

So many birthdays just happened this week. They all just pooped on me. Yes, pooped.

My older sister just turned 30. Yep. We're 10 years apart! Happy birthday, R! :)

My sister in-law Taryn just turned 12! Happy birthday, sis!

And today is my best friend's birthday. Her name is Lauren. We've been friends since the 6th grade.

We have had some good times and have had some tough but you have always been there even when times got rough. Some friends come and go and some always remain. No matter if we change or stay the same. A true friend will always be ther no matter what the case. You have alwyas done that no matter what I faced. Please always know that whatever comes your way I will be a true friend for you until my dying day.

 Don't worry, this sweet handshake picture will be replaced. We got one at the wedding. Yeah. In my wedding dress. I can't wait!!

This is for all the late nights, playing in the creek, taking endless amounts of pictures, walking around at 2 in the morning in nothing but our underwear, getting in fights with our parents and staying at each others houses for weeks, going on walmart runs, jumping off my balcony, the laughs, the cries, the heartaches, being in plays and drama, that stupid elmo song you'd sing, skipping class, correcting all the U-tards and their grammar and pronunciation, driving without having a license, finding new friends through MSN, Myspace and Tagged, losing friendships and loved ones, dancing in the rain, going on roadtrips to the middle of no where, finding lost parks, being "B" sisters and many other things I could list. You've been there through thick and thin. You're my best friend to the very end. AWWWW CHEEEEEEESE PLEASE!

To being the bestest maid of honor and the bestest friend. I love you!! :)
I hope you have a wonderful 21st birthday and many more to come!

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