Wednesday, September 9, 2009

The Hills Have Eyes.

Posing in a cougar cave. Baha.

Going into labor in the cougar cave?

Jessica and me.

Jessica can climb over there because she's not 9 months pregnant.

She kept picking up these catepillars. I told her they were poisonous. She didn't believe me.

The valley on the hike down.

There was some duct tape on the ground. I was certain a crime was committed there. This is crime scene evidence number one.


My friend Jessica and I went on a hike to induce labor. It was uphill pretty much the whole time to the falls. I didn't start feeling contractions until the way down. But nothing consistent. They're gone now. I came home to an e-mail from my doula about natural induction methods. She told me not to start doing them until I'm 39 weeks.
Jessica and I were talking about the creepy movie The Hills Have Eyes on the way up. That is what influenced my blog's title. Jessica proceeded to tell me about this midget village in Salt Lake. There was this drain on the hike up and it sounds like a cougar growling. I was freaking out. I was like, Dude, maybe we should turn around. She decided to let me freak out and then tell me about the drain. Thanks.
Ha. I was thinking the whole time, "I'm so out of shape." I'm 9 months pregnant! I'm allowed to be out of shape!! But, I can't wait to go back packing and stuff. Jessica would climb up on the rocks and be able to explore more than me and it makes me miss it. I love the outdoors. :)


  1. You are right you are allowed to be out of shape your are PREGNANT! and during this time we women are allowed many other things as well as gaining weight haha! Just dont let your self after delivery I did and I am struggling to lose weight but then age matters you are just a teenager and I am in my thirties (more likely 13 going on 30 ha) as I see your pictures it seems you wont have any problems taking off your baby weight you. GOOD LUCK!

    PS: I hope dont mind that I went stalking on the blog and got nosey Hope to have comments on my blog from you.

  2. the waterfalls look nice--where are they? have you ever been to donut falls near the cabin? we'll take you there sometime.

  3. The picture of you lying down looks like you are in labor. Hahaha! :) Pretty pictures and you are way too skinny to be that pregnant.

  4. The "labor in the cougar cave" picture totally cracked me up!
    I've heard those caterpillars are poisonous too. Maybe like daddy-long-legs their mouths are too little to get us. hmm..

    Anyway, beautiful falls. You are 9 months pregnant and hiking. Chalks up to "super fit" in my books.