Sunday, September 6, 2009


R.I.P. Grandma Jodie Olsen. She passed away today. :( This is a picture of her with my sister's daughter Baby Dragon. Christmas of '05. Jodie has had Alzheimer's and dementia for a few years. The past few months she's been struggling and had a stroke (I think. It might've been something else) the night before Father's day this year I think. She's been put on hospice and she went blind. Anyway. I thought I would put up a few memories of her. I remember when we would go to her house in Mount Pleasant. I thought it was the coolest house. She used to be a teacher if I remember correctly and she had these old desks still. I liked to explore her house and the backyard and the whole neighborhood. It was pretty oldish and I liked it. I remember that in the 7th grade I had to do a report on someone who lived during WWII and it was actually my grandma's 8th birthday the day Pearl Harbor was bombed. When she started living in Greenwood Manor we would throw a birthday party for her and buy KFC. KFC is her FAVORITE.

I remember N came with me to her last birthday party. One of the guys who was my grandma's neighbor came over and talked to us and he turned to N and asked me, "So is this your husband?" I'm like, "No.... I'm only 18. He's my boyfriend." This guy was really embarrassed but I didn't mind. I thought it was funny.

So the first day of September I was surprised with this little guy in my bathroom sink. WHAT THE HECK!? I started screaming. I almost went into early labor. He FREAKED me out. Jasper came to my rescue though and jumped into the sink and started playing with him. It brought joy to my soul that Jasper knows where his priorities are with the ladies. Kill the spiders and you'll be a STUD for life.

I worked on Saturday during the BYU football game. (Yep, they won! HOLLA!) It was really slow. And the shake girls were having too much fun when making shakes. This is a SMALL strawberry cheesecake shake. I told them it looked like tumors were growing out of it. They turned it around and displayed this face. Sometimes I love the people I work with.

And here I am 37 weeks pregnant! I have found my doula. Her name is Tandi. When we talked on the phone I remember she asked me how involved I wanted the father to be. And I was like, Well. Um. That's complicated because I'm placing for adoption so me and the father aren't married... we're just... in this predicament. She brought over a bunch of information about turning a breech baby. Which I believe has helped. Who knows. I might be wrong. Compare the pictures with the 36 week photos and see if my belly has dropped. I don't think it has.
She gave me papers about coping with being a birth mom which I thought was thoughtful of her to go through information about adoption and stuff. We talked about my birthplan and stuff. I meet with her again after my doctors appointment on Wednesday.
Yessssssssss. I'm so ready to find out if I'm having this baby or not.

Ha, I'm just going to let people know that I understand that walking helps the labor and stuff. But, I'm not looking to go into labor at the moment. If I walk (drops the baby and starts contractions) and go into labor, my chances of a c-section are pretty high. I'm looking to turn this baby around, walk, and THEN go into labor.
If a c-section is the only way Olivia will be brought into this world, safe. Then I'm totally okay with that. But if there are ways that I can avoid it. I will :)

So today, I don't know what came over me. But the kitchen in my house was a mess (I'm sure my mom loves to hear that as she's visiting in Oregon with my sister)! I was talking to RuthAnn and I put this clearly, fake ring on my ring finger and I was like, "Maybe I'll wear this during labor so I don't look like a skank." HA. Then I got in this mood to clean my kitchen. Maybe because it was messy, maybe because I'm having the urge to nest, or maybe I was thinking about my pretend husband coming home from work to a clean house. Whatever it was. It got me motivated to do the dishes. I need to conquer my room next. Maybe tomorrow before work.

I know many of you have been praying and fasting for Olivia to turn and I say thank you. :)


  1. I'm sorry about your Grandma Passing away... :( My Great Grandpa Robinson had Alzheimer's and passed away when I was Six, I have very little Memories of him except of right before he passed away we went up to Grace, Idaho as often as we could to visit him at the nursing home because he was getting to hard for my Grandma to take care of him. I don't know... I just remember going to the viewing and seeing people I hardly knew on my Dad's side... so it was weird... but yeah... Weird memories! :P I have those urgest to clean like crazy all the time! at least at my apartment... Kinda weird cause I never did it at my parents house! LOL I guess it is easier to clean an apartment with Two people than cleaning the house at the moment... LOL ;)

  2. I'm sorry that your grandma passed away! :(

    And I'm sorry that Olivia hasn't turned yet. I'll pray harder. :)

  3. I am sorry about your grandma :(

    There's something for you at my blog!

  4. We're sorry about your grandma Stefanie. It sounds like she was a great grandma

  5. Sorry about your Grandma :(

    Hmm Miss Olivia it is time to turn! You look so darn cute. I think that every time you post a new picture of your prego belly. You are getting so close!
    Oh and YUCK....that spider gave me chills! I yell for Rick almost every time I see one. If I see one when he's not here...I practically hyperventilate before I talk myself into killing it LOL! EEEEK! HATE THEM!

  6. Sorry about your grandma Stef :(

    Can't wait for you to come swim. That will most definitely(hopefully) help little Olivia turn around

  7. ps..there is a present for you on my blog!