Friday, September 18, 2009


Things are better now.

No worries.
(I won't go into too much detail until later.)

6 more days until my due date. Less than a week!!

I went to my doctors appointment, I'm still dilated to a 1 and 75% effaced.
My doctor thinks it's because she hasn't dropped that's why nothing is happening.
I have an appointment with my doctor next week.
We discussed an induction date, September 28th.
So. 10 days until my induction date. I hope to be having Olivia before then. And on my own, thanks :)

Dustinn and Val flew in yesterday.
I went out to their cabin and played Nertz and Kingsburg with them until about midnight.
Then went to sleep. I was having contractions at like 4 in the morning and could not sleep at all!
I think it was just the high altitude. I got up to walk around to see if it was real labor, but it wasn't because the contractions would go away. But when I would lay back down they would start up again and wake me up. It was no fun.

Today is Bradshaw's birthday :)
For breakfast Val and her sister made blueberry muffins. Bradshaw had two and had a candle in each and we would have to relight the candles every time he blew them out. He's two today :)
If you didn't know, Val actually was due September 24th with Bradshaw.
Crazy huh?
It was almost like it was meant to be.

Thank you for all your prayers because they've been answered :)
You all rock.

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