Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Labor&Delivery Picture Slideshow

I also wanted to add in some stories that I forgot.

Before N and I went to the hospital when he was telling me he felt bad that I was in pain and felt so useless. I remember looking through my folder of papers that Tandi (my doula) gave me and one of them said, "Tips for partners." I gave it to him. I really had no idea what was on the paper until he gave it back to me. And he tried some of the things. He read out loud one of them that said to relax your face and body and try not to tense up and breathe through the contractions. I got frustrated while trying to do that, I gave up on that. And I was just walking around at one point and had a contraction and he said to me, "Don't worry, you're fine and the baby is fine. Everyone is okay." And I guess on there it said to reassure your partner and let them know everything is alright. Haha.

Tandi also did some acupressure points on my hand to get natural contractions since they had kind of been not so strong after I took like a 20 minute nap. She got out some body massage oil and used it on my hands and she said to tell the nurses we were just doing hand massage since they get mad about doing stuff like that. And when the nurse came in, she said to me, "It smells really good in here. Does someone have on lotion?" And I just turned my head and said, "Yep." Like it was some secret. Yeah, I'm weird.

My sister's Katrina and RuthAnn went to the dubs while I was in labor. I guess they have a new little 25 cent toy machine there. And they got these stick on mustaches and beauty marks. You'll see in the slide show of me wearing them. Basically, hilarious.

When my dad arrived, he gave me a blessing. D and my dad both put their hands on my head. I honestly don't really remember what was said but I was crying through the whole thing and felt really at peace that everything was going to be okay with the baby and with me.

When I was pushing, the nurse said to me, "You're pushing her out like she's your 5th kid!" What can I say? I'm pretty much pro at popping out babies. :P

My sister RuthAnn made an accidental video on my camera when Olivia was born. It's really only 5 seconds long... the delivery wasn't that fast. It was that she realized she was making a video and she turned it off really quick. I secretly wished that she kept it going or someone had recorded it. But the nurse earlier said not to. Boo.

Almost everyone in the delivery room was telling me that Olivia looked just like me and I looked up at N one time when someone said that and he said, "I don't care. You did all the work."

When Olivia came back from the nursery and her frosted hair (dark roots and blonde tips) was poking out and styled. RuthAnn told me her hair reminded her of a scene in the movie, 17 Again. When Ned and Mike were sitting outside the principal's office waiting to see if he could be enrolled into the high school. Ned asks Mike about his clothes because they're ridiculous and so when Ned insults Mike, Mike says to him, "Well... What are you wearing? I told you to dress up like a dad. You look like Clay Aiken!" Ned says, "Leave Clay out of this."
So I guess Olivia's hair was styled like Ned's/Clay Aiken's hair.

When N left that night I gave him a kiss on the cheek. It wasn't anything romantic it was just kind of like a thank you for being there. I'll go more into detail about our situation now in a different post.

P.S. If anyone else from the delivery room has any memories that they have or something funny that was said that I didn't post. Leave it in a comment. I obviously miss a lot of things because I'm more preoccupied having a baby then remembering what was said.

Expect the next blog post to be about the two days in the hospital.
Then the pictures from the two days.

I have posted another post below of one week old Olivia.


  1. So, I bawled during the slideshow. Thanks for sharing. I have been wondering about you and Nic's relationship at this point.

  2. Probably my favorite picture in the slide show is one with you holding Olivia, and Val leaning in the picture, Olivia was looking at her with a look of recognition of "Hey! I know you! :D"
    So Cute I Loved the Slide show like crazy! :D Love ya! <3

  3. My all time favorite pictures of her has to be the ones with the towel on her head.