Monday, June 29, 2009

Weekend of Adventure

So, Saturday. I had a day off so my mom and I have been planning to make blankets and quilts for little Olivia.

This purple one is the first one we tied. this lady that helped us is binding the edges together. the light purple side is the front. the dark purple is the back.

Then this is a princess blanket. the pink is the front the green is the back.

Then I measured and cut all the edges. My mom helped me tie all the single knots around it.

Later that night. RuthAnn and I saw THE PROPOSAL. It was SO funny. Surprisingly not so dirty. :) I enjoyed it thoroughly.

Sandra Bullock: What am I allergic to?
Ryan Reynolds: Pinenuts and the full spectrum of human emotion.

Sandra Bullock: I do NOT fart in front of him. I never WILL.
Ryan Reynolds: She farts in her sleep.

It makes me so proud to be Jasper's mommy when I see him sleeping and not destroying everything. I find him in the most random places sleeping. This is probably the most random. Just a stack of clean (my mom didn't like that) towels.

I think this picture was taken on Wednesday before I went to go get my glucose test done. Everyone was telling me how gross it was to drink the sugary drink. I was imagining it to be super gross with like clumps of sugar in it. It tasted like a flat orange soda. That's all. It wasn't a big deal because in the beginning of my pregnancy I craved orange soda. But it made me REALLY tired.
I stopped eating at like 10:30. I woke up at 8 to eat a HIGH protein breakfast. Wait two hours to drink the stuff. Then wait an hour for them to take my blood. I went home and slept. It took most of my energy. Probably because I didn't have sugar in me for 12 hours. EEK.

These were taken yesterday before church. 28 weeks along.

After church I had a meeting with my bishop. Just a sort of get to know you meeting. It was funny because he was asking me what I was doing with my life and I avoided the being pregnant. Then he asked me if I had been sick. And I was like.... nope... just pregnant. And he said, I know. I asked if someone told him. And he replied, my wife has had 4 kids. I know what it looks like.
I laughed openly.

My friend Z came over for dinner and we watched half of Baby Mama before dinner. Then after we went over to N's house. Yep. We went over there to pick up his baby pictures to scan on my computer which I'm working on right now. But I have a picture of me and him. DING.
I laughed because it was sort of awkward. I walked over to take the picture with him and he had his arms folded and I said, "So... are we going to pretend like we're friends?" It was a joke. We both laughed. Come on. This is us, pretending like we're friends. HA.

I don't sweat. I glisten.

Let's just say after I dropped off the pictures there was some drama. But I was talking to a friend later and I said, I'll be honest here. It would hurt me if he never met his daughter. Is that mega weird?
My friend said, No way Jose! Just because things didn't work out or currently aren't working out, whatever the situation may be, it will never change the fact that you two made a life together. Another person. There is a deep connection there that never goes away.

It helped me feel like less of a freak after all that. :)



  1. i really really wanna see you!!!!!!!! are you going to va beach?

  2. Wow! Talk about alkward!! :P You look cute in that outfit I'd have to tell you that much!! :D 8 days for you and 9 days for me!! woot! woot! :D LOL I'm so excited for you to go to Virginia! It sounds like that you guys will be doing some really fun stuff!! :D And I understand that feeling of feeling heart broken(in a sense) if Nic didn't meet his daughter after she is born that just wouldn't be cool at all! :P I know I can't relate at all but instinctively that is how I would understand(does that make sense?). With having a picture with Nic almost would remind me of me going to Levi's house again to visit or something... (yeah... I don't think I'll go that way... too awkward to even think about... I should just let him go! I'm sure he wouldn't mind me being invisible for the rest of his life!). :P

  3. oh my gosh I am so dyslexic I meant to say awkward at the beginning... :P LOL

    *awkward*! LOL

  4. The blankets/quilts are beautiful! The light purple looks shimmery. And pink and green is such a cute combo. You got a lot done it one day!
    Ever since we talked I want to sit down and watch Baby Mama, that's such a funny movie.
    I really like the picture of you and Nic. =)

  5. The blankets are so pretty! And let me just tell you that I'm totally IN LOVE with the name Olivia!!! So cute! And ummm I just saw the Proposal with my sister-in-law & LOVED it! Wasn't it so hilarious the part with the dog? And I just loved all the nasty little things that Andrew did to her...left her on her knees in the pencil skirt LOL...squeezed her butt! I was crying from laughter the whole time! ( :

  6. And another thing! You honestly look better than Nic! :D LOL :D

  7. Kristen- We're not going to the beach :( But don't worry whenever I go out there again we'll do something!

    Val- I know! You probably thought I was a freak for being able to quote the whole movie.
    "I will reward you with 5 minutes of uninterrupted eye contact."

    Danielle- Thank you! I like Olivia too. The name has honestly made a cycle through the whole family. If my mom was going to have another girl in the family she was going to name her Olivia and then other family members on the adoptive couples side were planning on naming their kids Olivia but didn't.
    The Proposal <3 mmmmm. Ryan Reynolds.

    Natasha- Yeah, it's pretty much true. I will always look better than him :)

  8. Olivia will be so lucky to have such nice blankets. The purple one is my favorite.

  9. Heck yes!!! :D It's all because you're making your life for the better!! And you are the one that will see more of How your Beautiful Daughter will grow! And he'll sadly will be kind of left in the dark and always wondering(at least I hope at one point in his life) what his Daughter looks like, and what not... You know what I mean right? ;)

    And I'll have to see if I can go see the Proposal! :D Sandra Bullock is pretty much one of my favorites!! :D LOL