Thursday, June 11, 2009


I got an e-mail the other day from a person who has read my blog and I thought I would post it, I hope it's alright with her. :]

"I just wanted to say I found your blog and started reading it. Just a little about me I recently became an adoptive mom. My son is 7months old now. We love him to pieces as well as his birth mom. You are so amazing and such a strong person to be going through all that you are going through. Thanks for sharing your journey online. It has even helped me. You see my husband and I can't have children (ya, we are infertile and it sucks, but we all have our trials right?) and we have wanted children for years and finally when our little boy came to us through the miracle of adoption we have been so blessed and happy!!
Anyways, a few months ago, I got a priesthood blessing and in that blessing it talked about a baby girl (sister for our son). I have been so so worried about it and wondering if we would ever be chosen again, since we already have a baby boy. Many birth moms choose couples who don't have children.
BUT when you talked about placing Olivia with the couple you chose and how their 'family looked like they needed a baby sister, since they have a older brother' I just cried and cried,and it gave me more hope. Anyways, because of you, now I know that there will be a birth mom out there some day, that will think like you and want their baby girl to have a older brother and will choose us. So I just wanted to say thanks again for sharing your journey. It was an answer to my prayers, I know God was giving me comfort and more faith when I read your blog and letting me know everything will work out.
I am sure that little Olivia will grow up with admiration, love and appreciation for you. I pray for the best for you and Olivia and your adoptive family. Thank you again for sharing your journey, and letting a little 'blog stalker' like myself read it and be touched by your words. I am sure there will be many more people whom you will be an inspiration to."

No lies. I love getting e-mails like these. It brings so much joy to my soul.

It hailed today. It was pretty cool. I just watched it all gather up on my balcony. It was intense. It's been raining all week. So no surprise to the hail. But being pregnant makes me delusional. I swear I thought it said on the news it was going to SNOW. Everyone thinks I'm on crack. Yep. 3rd trimester is a BLAST. P.S. my camera phone is so cool it has the hail in ACTION.

I went to Wal*Mart yesterday to pick out some fabric for a blanket I'm making for Olivia. I made a sweet find might I add. I'm excited to make it.
I had a funny experience at Wal*Mart but I'm not going to post it. It just makes me giggle to myself.

I don't know if I posted anything on here about an idea of making a scrapbook for Olivia when she's older of mine and N's family. I was going to go out to Virginia to make it with V. It will be joyful... whenever I get pictures. V's idea was to get pictures of me and N growing up so that way she can say, "She has mommy Stefanie's eyes or daddy N's chin." No lies. I cracked up when she said that about his chin. Oh boy, not to be hating, I just hope she doesn't have his chin. I think he has a cute little nose and I hope she gets that. I hate my nose. :]
Yeah, I just can never get a hold of N or someone to get pictures. I would scan them on my computer have them sent to V's e-mail or something and then print them out there. But I would return the pictures before I went to Virginia and if there are a lot of pictures I need them... now. If I'm busy with work then I'll never have time to get on except for Sundays. But whatev.

I'll be 26 weeks along. BELIEVE IT.


  1. Happy 26 weeks today!
    I absolutely agree that you are and will continue to inspire and uplift people.

    I LOVE the fabric for Olivia's quilt! (miracle baby.) And I love the album idea. Want to know something funny? Dustinn & Nic have the same chin. (It's so handsome on a guy right?) And don't worry I know several very beautiful girls with a similar chin. =)

    That's a great idea if you/Nic want to email pictures I can have them printed and ready. Too bad I don't live closer, I've had a lot of experience scanning pictures so I could help out. No worries though.

    Hope you are having a good day!

  2. Oh My Gosh Stef!!! To tell you the truth I am not surprised that you got an e-mail like that!! You have inspired me in so many ways you have no idea!! :D It is amazing! :D You are amazing! :D And Good idea for the Scrapbook! I like it! :D Hopefully he'll cooperate though! :D