Friday, June 5, 2009

25 weeks.

Well, it was a surprise to wake up this morning with my mom showing me this. I guess my dad found it on our front porch before it rained. Ha. If you can't read it, it says.

Dear "Stephony" (Symphony),

Thank you for bringing so much "(Almond)Joy" into our lives. We are "Extra" blessed to adopt your "Baby(Ruth)". We're so excited that "(Her)She(y)'s" a girl! Major "Skor!" We will shower Olivia with "Mounds" of love. She is "Fast(break)" becoming the "Reisen" for Val to go shopping. She will have "Sweet(tarts)" clothes. Stefanie, you "(pop)rocks!"

Love, D,V,&B

P.S. We hope you like Twix!
P.P.S. We hope this card made you "Snickers."

That's what it says. Um, Let's see. I was "snickering" about the Twix thing cause it could be "twins".... I'm pretty sure I only saw one baby in my ultrasound. :] I just thought about it. But I'm sure that's not what they meant.

But thanks D,V, & B. It definitely made my day.

I was sort of having a crappy day yesterday. Thank you pregnant hormones. I don't know. I was really mooody about random things. I had my doctors appointment. Everything is going good. Her heartbeat was 142 BPM. Let's see.... I'm measuring normal so they think she's big enough. Ha. The MA asked me if she had been moving a lot more. I said, "Yeah, she wouldn't let me sleep last night." She was actually going crazy at that moment. Either she hates the doctors or she loves it.

I texted Olivia's daddy (she always seems to kick when I talk about him) and told him the doctors went well.


I then texted him and told him about my trip to Virginia next month. I was thinking of making a scrapbook out there for Olivia of my family. And that I had the idea of to make one of his family too since she's his too. Or to take anything out there.


I was really frustrated. I went to work and felt like everyone hated me or was annoyed with me.

Then I stayed up late watching the first season of Gossip Girl. Only two more discs. Ha. There are 5. I went to sleep and in my sleep I had dreams of Olivia kicking me and of course, she really was. And I remember in one of my dreams, N was in them and I asked him to feel her kick. And he said no. I finally talked him into it. And so he did, and then everytime she kicked he said he didn't feel anything.

After I woke up this morning, the weather was very rainy and gross. And my friend is supposed to be doing my maternity pictures today. But it looks like we're going to have re-schedule. The rest of my family left for Idaho. So it's just me and RuthAnn for the weekend.

I was very happy about the little candy card and will be stuffing my face in a minute. But, I've just been an emotional wreck. I've been crying most of the day. I need to do something productive so I'm not stuck at home feeling sorry for myself. I was looking at my friends profile on Facebook and she's in his ward. And she had a picture of him up and I just started bawling. Because it made me think of Olivia and who she will look like and if I'll ever be able to even look at her.

I'm 25 weeks along as of today. And I'm in my 3rd trimeseter says my doctor. Two thirds of the way to the finish line.

Oh. P.S. With my TV show The Cougar. She did not choose Colt. :[ She chose Jimmy. Oh well. I'll take Colt :]
Just admire his perfection.

Song of the day:

Somebody Out There
David Archuleta

Sittin' all alone in your room
Thinkin' that the world's let you down
All you ever wanted to do is trust someone to always be around
You've had a lot of lessons to learn from
Some of them hit you so hard
And I keep believing someday you'll see, you don't have to be alone

There's somebody out there, somebody somewhere
To show you the tenderness you need
Somebody to hold you when worries control you
I'd give anything if only you knew it was me
Ohh... mm..

I've been watchin' you go through all of these things for a while, oh
There's gotta be a way to bring you back
'Cause it's worth it when you smile, oh
It doesn't have to hurt you forever
It doesn't have to last too long, yeah
If you're wondering where to turn to
I hope that you know

There's somebody out there, somebody somewhere
To show you the tenderness you need
Somebody to hold you when worries control you
I'd give anything if only you knew it was me

I wanna be there when you're in need
I would never be long if you were waiting
When you gonna see, if you could only see

There's somebody out there, somebody somewhere
To show you the tenderness you need
Somebody to hold you when worries control you
I'd give anything if only you knew it was me


I'd give anything, oh
Anything at all
I think it's time that you knew it was me


  1. How sweet of them to send you that cute candy poem! Sorry you had such a crappy day yesterday, though. I've had enough of those, although for different reasons. What a depressing dream about Nic not feeling the baby move. Hmmmm, maternity pictures... I should probably get those done before I get any bigger...

  2. I Love those Candy Poems!! :D They are freaking awesome!! :D Hey! If you need anything I am here! I hate girl hormones (and I bet Pregnant hormones are even worse... :P bleck) LOL I know you can make it through this! :D You are an amazing person! :D I hope things turn out really well for you! :D

  3. Haha, we didn't even think about Twix... We just thought it would be funny to have a random candy bar that didn't mean anything.

  4. Yeah, I figured the Twix was random. But it made me laugh :]
    Who did it anyway? I'm curious.

  5. I bet it was Val! It sounds like something I would do! :D hehehe! :D

  6. Well, I didn't know if they had someone make it and then drop it off at my house. Or they sent it. It was just on my doorstep. Not in a package or anything.

  7. Yesterday sounds plain awful! I hate how bad dreams can feel so real and then the bad feeling lingers. I hope Nic texts back.
    As for the card, my little sister Genny made it and dropped it off (well, we sent her the text but she went out & got everything at put it together.) She & two of my brothers are in Provo.

  8. Got it. That's cool though :] I'm excited to meet them and Olivia will be too!

  9. That is so awesome!! :D The whole family is into it! :D Woot! woot! :D

  10. I like your new background! Very Cute!! :D