Monday, June 22, 2009

Near Death

Why hello there.

Um, I'm trying to think of anything fun or exciting has happened since I last posted... and of course, there has been.

Over the weekend I kind of sat around and did nothing... well, I worked of course, but other than that. I did nothing. I'm sort of a loser.

On Saturday I talked to V. It was really fun. I was working on scanning pictures on the computer and I found pictures of D and V on their wedding day. SAY WHAT?! Yeah, it was kind of cool. It took most of the night to scan them.
I had been texting N about getting pictures from him and asked him if Sunday was alright since he didn't work and neither did I. But I totally spaced and forgot it was Father's day! Yeah, cool.

Ha- I got a really funny text on Father's day. I hope it doesn't offend anyone but my friend texted me and said, "Happy Father's day to YOU, because N doesn't deserve it."

He texted me at church and said his scanner wasn't working. Then I told him I could come over and get them and scan them at my house. And he told me that his mom was VERY protective of them. I told him that he could come over and protect them. He was committed... then his mom was REALLY protective so she'll get them to me sometime this week. Lame :[ I was so excited to get it all done this weekend.

I just barely sent V like 50 million e-mails of my pictures. I'm sure she'll LOVE them.
I'll show you some.

Those are natural ringlets, my friends.

My friend Z from group came over for Father's day dinner and we played Kingsburg. She enjoyed it. It was fun to hang out with her.

My grandma is in the hospital so my dad missed most of his dinner. :[

I was on my way to take Z home and we were going up this twisty road in the dark. Just a back road. And there was a car that was coming around the corner REALLY fast and we almost hit HEAD ON. Yeah, head on people. If I did swerve over, who knows what could've happened. It was the scariest thing of my life. Of course if it was just me I would've been like, "That guy is an idiot!" But Z was with me and she's pregnant, and I'm pregnant, I'm taking care of 3 people in my car plus myself! I was pretty much crying.

That was my excitement for the weekend. I am working tonight... then tomorrow I have a day off. Then Wednesday I'm going to get my glucose test. YIPEE.

I think I'm going to make myself a rootbeer float :]

I also found this picture of me and N- we're on the right. The left side is my friend and her ex.

Oh yeah, D and V texted me on Sunday. They told me that B threw a toy train at a lady 3 rows ahead of them in church. I giggled. And they also wrote, "15 more days until we see you!" 14 now! :]


  1. Remember when we were getting shirts for Katrina's wedding and I almost rear ended someone and almost got rear ended as well, but I swerved off the road to avoid it?? No? Well, it happened and I know how you feel. Ha.

    And cute pictures, that's the little Stef I remember. I can still even "hear" your baby voice. One of my favorite quotes is: "A Sister is a little bit of childhood that can never be lost."

    And you know I'm responsible for the Dustinn and Val pictures on the computer. Man, that's an old computer.

  2. Cute pictures Stef!!! You were very cute baby!! :D I can relate with the near death situation... I could have died at my Car accident... and I only came out with a scare thankfully! :P And One time I was going to a dance after a Swim meet with my friend Kimberlie Marsden. We were going on a road that was pretty steep and pretty snake like, and I was chatting with her all of a sudden she said out of the blue "Tasha move to the right now." Two seconds later a truck came around the corner, if Kim wouldn't have told me to move we would have been goners for sure, I haven't been back there since, heck I haven't even been on Center street since I heard about Kiefer's accident(sp? and sorry for mentioning it). But yeah, I kind of have that fear, cause in my head I can imagine it happening every single time I go past it! :(
    Man I have a dark head! :P

    Any ways! yeah, 14 days till you go to Virginia! 15 Days till I go to California to meet Kevin's Family! so excited!! :D

  3. we're excited to see you in just a few days!

  4. Ugh the driving story still scares me. I'm sorry. Glad your all safe! It's frightening to think how fragile all of our lives really can be.