Wednesday, June 3, 2009


So, I am planning on going on a trip to Virginia. I have my plane tickets :]
I'm going the 7th-14th. They were the cheapest ones I could find. I was going to go the 8th-14th but the ticket went up about 50 bucks. Then I checked the 7th and it was the same price as the 8th through the 14th the day before. So it's at like 340. It's expensive. I know. But SO worth it. I don't think I could find a better deal. And it's non-stop both ways. I'm going to be 29-30 weeks pregnant. I don't want to be stopping and getting on different flights.

I'm excited :]

I have a doctors appointment tomorrow at 11 in the morning.
I have group tonight. The delivery nurse will be there this time.

But I'm kind of excited to be starting school fall 2010. I'm thinking of getting my generals at UVU. Then I might go to a Sonography program to be an ultrasound tech. It's a lot of school but I'm figuring out now, maybe dental assisting isn't the best for me. I think if I do anything in that field it will be an orthodontic assistant. I will be looking for jobs as an ortho assistant a few months after I have Olivia. My boss says if I stay at the Dubs I could be a manager there. Ha. Yessssssssssssssss.

I'll probably work days as an ortho assistant and then nights at the Dubs. Make and save money for school.
I've been looking online for a Sonography program, I found I could go to Utah State and they don't have their own program but they are academic partners with Weber State with their sonography program. I'm going to see which would be better for me. :]

I think it would just be cool to have a ton of knowledge on things and get a job as a dental assistant or as an utlrasound tech or a McDonald's manager (oh, my dream come true).
Anyway, my friend let me borrow the first season of Gossip Girl. So I might go watch that.

The Cougar finale is on tonight. If you don't know what that is, it's kind of like the Bachelorette. Except the girl is like 40 and dating 20 year old men. It's down to the last two. I hope she chooses Colt.


  1. Hey Stefanie!
    My name is Lindy, I'm Val's Sister! Anyways I just thought I'd introduce myself! I'm so so so excited for Olivia to come and I can't wait to meet you in July! Thanks for everything you're doing, you are answering so many prayers.

    PS my friend is about to graduate from radiology technician school and she absolutely loves it. She also did it through Weber.

  2. Hey, I'm totally jealous of your trip. Bum. Anyway, that's so exciting. I hope you have a great time and get to do some really fun things.

    If I were to go back to school I'd probably do it to become an ultrasound tech too. Although it would not be fun to ultrasound nasty old men... Or I'd go back to school for photography or film.

  3. We're so excited to have you come! There's so much to see and do in Washington--it'll be a great time. And that's exciting to think about all your opportunities. Next fall you could be studying anything you want.

  4. OH yeah! I am way excited for you too! hehe! I might see you around. As for schools! Great Idea to do generals at UVU! My mom would totally try to convince you to go to Weber! Utah State is a pretty good school but as for good programs for Medical fields... it would be Weber... she was able to get her Associates Nursing Degreee in like a year and a half. But the nice thing about College you can take your time(just not too much time or else we don't end up finishing... :( ). I don't really want to push ya, And besides, my mom's favorite place for her to think and study,

  5. was by a Lake, she has always talked about it! I even took some pictures when I went up there as part of my County report in 5th Grade! :D It is so beautiful up there! I remember! But, it isn't my place to tell you where to go for graduate school, you chose where you feel is right! :D Oh! This is so exciting!! hehehe! :D :D :D :D

  6. WAHOO! We are going to have so much fun. I have lots of ideas but we should plan out the things you are most excited about and have time to relax chat and maybe watch a chick-flick.
    You didn't tell me the flights were direct!? What a find! I thought that would be impossible from across the country! Anyway, we you get a chance email me the itinerary so we'll make sure to pick you up at the right time n' all.
    And I didn't know of your plans for UVU or Weber or USU! That is so exciting! I don't know Ogden well but it sounds like Weber has a great reputation for their programs. I ran a marathon in Logan/USU a few years ago and I loved the campus and surrounding area. It's absolutely beautiful and charming (and my friends that have gone their say it's really social.)
    Great post. How was your doctor's appt.? How was the group session?

  7. I agree with Val! You could pretty much choose your own campus and when ever you need time to think, you pretty much have the Logan temple, the mountains, anywhere you'd like to go around campus! :D both Schools have great programs for different things! :D Just expensive... :P but which college isn't expensive? ;) I am still way excited for you to go to VA! That would be so much fun! :D