Tuesday, June 9, 2009


Man, my week has been pretty boring. I don't really have anything to post.
I was just going to post my 25 week picture.


I'm going to be working A LOT this week since I'm trying to save up money for Virginia next month. I'M SO EXCITED! :]

My mom got Olivia these cute little footie pj's. She'll look adorable. Oh man, I want her out of me now. I want to see who she looks like. I want to see her beautiful little face. I want to see her all dressed up. YAYYYYYYYY!

I just added these on after I made the post. And yes, that is my true bedsheet. the blue one is a newborn size. the kitty one is 0-3 months.

Olivia is kicking right now. Last night I was totally craving a chocolate moose bar. And of course, you can only buy those at Macy's and it was closed. I got a frosty instead. It's close enough. She had a pretty good work out last night while I was eating it. She enjoys frosty's like her mommy.
I get paid tomorrow and I would like to purchase some pebbled ice. Why do I love it? I have no idea.

I don't really have anything else to say. I slept for a REALLY long time. And it was definitely enjoyable. And my mom beat everyone in Kingsburg. I took 2nd. My dad was LAST. BOO YA! He always wins.


  1. Nice sounds FUn! :D hehehe! :D You Look cute pregnant! LOL And I can't wait to meet Olivia! So excited as it gets closer to September!! :D hopefully by then I'll be waiting for my Technician License! :D That would be a relief to finally get it! :D I just hope everything works out! :D hehehe! :D yeah... I am finding another job so that I can try to save up for California, and School, I have to pay over 2000 dollars for Tuition! :P grr!

  2. Hahaha, that's so funny that you all like playing Kingsburg so much.

    And I should totally get some pebbled ice too... Hmmmm Happy hour starts in an hour... :)

  3. Cute picture!!! I love the picture updates.
    Maybe you crave the pebble ice because it is cool, refreshing and satisfyingly/satisfactorily crunchy.

    Um Dustinn and I debated over the word before crunchy. Both are made up I think. =)

  4. Nah, they're just in the Dustinn and Val dictionary. No one should question it ;)

  5. Those are cute little Jamies!! :D And fun! :D hehehe! :D