Tuesday, June 2, 2009

My Soul Delighteth.


  1. I am actually excited!! :D LOL :D

  2. Hey, that's so fun you posted the trailer; I hadn't seen it yet. So I take it you read all the books. Are you in Team Edward or Team Jacob?

  3. And totally excited for the Yellow Porche!! hehehe! Alice is freaking awesome!! :D LOL <3

  4. Oh, that is seriously scary to me. I am a major whimp!! I would have nighmares for a month if I watched that!! Boo hoo.
    I LOOOVVVVEEE following your blog!! You are amazing!! I could never wear my heart on my sleeve like you do!! Pure bravery!! Bless you!!
    Remember, my door is open if you want to come and stay for a while after Olivia is born. I believe your mom told you about the option.


  5. It makes me laugh that you are so afraid of Twilight. I can tell that you and mom are related though. She doesn't like scary movies at all.

    That'd be fun about staying with you. :] But I will probably be poor after I have Olivia. I could try to make it work though. I won't be working for atleast a month after.
    Thanks for the invite though!