Thursday, May 28, 2009


My blog was public, then I made it private. Because I didn't want the Olivia's dad to know anything unless he came to me about it. But he knows everything now. So I made it public so that way Valery and Dustinn's family can get to know me and about Olivia :]

That's all I wanted to post. Nothing amazing has happened. I went to group last night at LDS family services. It was fun because there were a few new girls there. There was supposed to be a delivery nurse there or something and we were going to ask her questions. But I guess she forgot. So we discussed about what will be happening through labor. Ha. Everyone was so interested. And like every time they brought up something, I was like WHAT?! It freaked me out MORE. ha. Then it made me laugh that they said something about how no one wanted to hear about horror stories and then we got on that topic. I'm like, STOP! PLEASE! Me and two other girls on the same couch were that way. But it was all fun. A girl brought her boyfriend. Baha, I bet he felt SUPER awkward. I DID and I'm the one having Olivia! ha.

Anyway, I thought of an idea. If anyone had questions. I might do a Q&A blog. Or maybe if I'm not getting enough questions then I'll just post the ones I get that week. You can ask me ANYTHING. I'm a pretty open person. You can ask me about placing, adoption, baby daddy, whatev, life now with Olivia, after Olivia, what I'm doing. Shoot. I can't think of anything else you can ask me. If you have a pretty private question and you don't want people to know you're asking me you can contact me via e-mail:
Or you can just leave me questions on comments.
Or if we're friends on Facebook, you can ask me there.

Oh yeah, if I do go visit Valery and Dustinn before she's born I wanted to go out there and do a 3d/4d ultrasound out there. But of course, I need to be saving up the money. So it wouldn't be until July. Or whenever there are cheap plane tickets. Aw, I think Olivia is excited to meet Val&Dustinn. She just kicked me. :]

Here are some pictures.

This was my belly at 18 weeks.

This is my belly at 23 weeks.


  1. yeppers! You definatley are pregnant! :D wow! your group sounded it was a little awkward... but fun LOL :D Q&A would be interesting... :D maybe put like a topic list of what you would feel comfort about people asking you kind of like what you just did. When you have Olivia.. who would be your "breathing coach"? Your parents? It was just a thought...

  2. I also think the Q&A would be a great idea. In the future, if you have time, you should be on the panels. (I think Loni would second this idea.)
    You really have a gift of being open and honest and sharing even very deep personal feelings--I think this can bless a lot of people. Love the new 23 week picture. It is after midnight my time so you are officially 6 months along. Congratulations!!!!

  3. Oh and, um, sorry for the scary birth story I shared with you...maybe it prepared you for the craziness at group? =)

  4. Haha, no it was okay. We'll just pray and hope that nothing like that will happen. I'll actually have to e-mail you and tell you something super cool. :]

  5. Woot! You're Six months along!! :D Almost done! :D