Monday, May 11, 2009

21 weeks.

21 weeks baby! Sorry, the top one didn't upload right or send right or something. It doesn't look like that on my phone.

Yesterday was mother's day. I made it through the whole day without crying. Mostly because they didn't talk about mother's that much in sacrament meeting. It was THE weirdest topic though. Repentance. On Mother's day?! For real?! Me and RuthAnn were just kind of like... alright. That's nice. I spent maybe a good hour on the phone with V. It probably wasn't even an hour. I'm just really bad at keeping track of time. So I guess an hour. She and I talked about when they'd be coming out here and when I'd go out there. What they would be naming her. She said D was thinking about her middle name be after me or Olivia. I told them not after me. Number one, I don't like my name. I like it's unique with an f. But how many people are going to get that right? But it's her name. Ha. I would rather choose Olivia before I would use my name. She's so sweet. They sat in their sacrament writing down names for her :] They want her name to be perfect and extra special and meaningful. I think it's so cute. I was also thinking her middle name be Journey because it's kind of meaningful and she went through a journey. Yeah. That's probably super weird.

I did have a question, though. Where does D's family live? RuthAnn wants to know since she did just get home from New Jersey.

Let's see, today, I went out for lunch at Subway (I always get the meatball sub). So good. Then I went to Albertson's and bought rainbow chip frosting. Some Caffeine Free Diet Pepsi and Coke (for RuthAnn). I got two shirts there. They're actually really cute for being from Albertson's. Then I bought a magazine because it was about a New Moon and stuff. So yes, I bought it. I'm exciting for the movie to come out. I have yet to read the article but on the front it says, "New Moon stars after dark: Where they go, who they're dating and why the movie will be better than the book!" Oh, I hope so. I know it'll be better than Twilight because that weird lady won't be directing it. Thank goodness.

I also paid my phone bill so now I have minutes. YAY! I wonder if there was a new episode of Ghost Whisperer on Friday. I checked my DVR and there was no new recording. I'm checking online right now because it's my all time fave show.


  1. You do too look pregnant.
    You'll have to ask Val about where Dustinn's family lives.
    I'm excited for the New Moon movie! When is it supposed to come out?

  2. woot! woot! I am actually excited to see it! :D LOL! And I wasn't too much of a fan for the books really... sad! :( But yeah! That is awesome that Val and Dustinn are thinking of names to be extra special and unique! That is very Sweet of them! I am pretty much excited how everything turns out! :D hehehe! :D I didn't get to see Ghost whisper last week(I don't remember actually :() But yeah! I Love Ghost whisper... oh yeah! I had to work... and I get home shortly after Numbers comes on(which is one of my favorites too! I LOVE THAT SHOW! LOL)

  3. Pretty pictures--and I love that Jasper is in them too.
    Dustinn's parents live in Annandale, New Jersey (it's next to Clinton along route 31 and about an hour west of New York City.)
    I've never seen Ghost Whisper but it must be good if you like it so much. I find it on hulu.

  4. Valery put a poster on the wall for anyone that comes to our apartment to list their favorite baby girl names ("Olivia" is toward the top of the list)! All day long we'll be running in to the living room to write a name down that we've thought of. My favorite names are ones that have family meaning.

  5. Awwww, that's so fun! I love that! :] You guys are the cutest people EVER. Everyone should be jealous!

  6. LOL! That is funny! And cute that you guys are doing that! :D LOL