Tuesday, May 26, 2009

23 weeks.

Man, I can't believe on Friday I'll be 24 weeks along. 6 months pregnant! Say what?! Yeah, not a big deal. But still, time FLIES. I'm sure that it'll get slower now that I'll be going through a lot more discomfort. I feel it sometimes. I woke up the other morning and my belly was sore. Pretty sure Olivia had been kicking all night or something. I will sometimes remember waking up to her kicks. She's pretty powerful.

Oh yeah, RuthAnn was SO excited on Friday when we watched 7 pounds at Whitney's house because Olivia was kicking and rolling around. RuthAnn was the first one to feel her kick. Olivia has been more open to letting people feel her. She had been shy for a while because I would put peoples hands on my belly and she'd immediately stop. But after they took it off she'd start kicking away. She only felt comfortable me feeling her. Ha, I gave RuthAnn the honor over Facebook that she's the first. And RuthAnn wrote, "That's RIGHT! It was a pretty hard kick too. She has my strength."

Let's see. I'm trying to think of what to write because I haven't updated in a... week. HA. Way to go. I try to do what I can.

Nothing really exciting is happening.

Yesterday I worked and I honestly saw almost everyone's family but N. It was like a F family reunion. Sort of. His brother and sister in-law came into my work with their family. Then I went and saw Terminator Salvation with RuthAnn and his older brother that I worked with at JCW's was there. Awkward? Probably. I only saw the first hour of Terminator because the projector broke. But we did get a refund on our ticket and got a free movie ticket. Bring it!
I do get to go see it again on Saturday with a boy from work. Yep. His name is Matt. He's a RM. I was just like, "When are we going to hang out?" And he's like, "How about Saturday? Want to see a movie?" I'm like, "Okay! I'll finish Terminator!" I don't know if I would call it a date. 1) I don't want to because I'll freak myself out and not want to go anymore. 2) Just me going out on dates is super weird to me. Being around boys? What? I can still do that when I'm pregnant with another guys baby? I guess so. It'll definitely be different and will have to get used to it for a while after I have Olivia.

I decided that I'm going to stop externing and just wait until after I have Olivia. I'll find another place and see if they'll train me and hire me. I'm not getting enough hours in the week. 3 days a week for 3-5 hours just isn't going to happen. And I don't feel dedicated because I do have a job that makes money and I'm pregnant. I have a lot of other things to worry about.

I went to the mall today with my friend Kaila. I got pretzel bites and they were AMAZING. I hadn't had those in a while. We went to Orange Julius and I got a orangeberry sunrise. Yeah, it's as good as the name sounds. I think that's the only way Olivia will be getting any type of fruit or something because I hate the texture of fruit. So I might need to buy like 80 smoothies with all sorts of fruit in them. Let's see. I got two shirts from American Eagle. Buy one get one 50% off. American Eagle jeans. I like them A LOT. And they stretch. Perfect. Then I got two necklaces at Forever 21. Both 5 dollars each. One is an anchor and the other is an owl. They brought joy to my soul. That's about it.

Oh good, right before me and Kaila walked into the mall, an old guy fell. It was THE saddest moment of my life. I wanted to cry. It was right outside of CPK and I saw him kind of just fall sort of pass out. He looked like he was trying to stop himself and then his leg hit a rock. I guess his head did too because it cracked open and he was bleeding. But that is SO sad. Me and Kaila waited while the girl who was with him ran inside CPK to get help. I was like, "Are you okay?" He responded, "Yeah." I'm sure he was embarrassed. If it was me, I would've said, "What the heck do you think? I fell over and my head is bleeding, are you calling 911 or staring?" I hope he's okay. He'll be in my prayers tonight.

We got really bored today at work. It was pretty slow. Then like an hour before we closed it got SO busy. We were all very angry about this.
But this is what a girl did during a slow time.

Those pants that I'm wearing are magic pants. Because they randomly showed up in my laundry pile. I have no idea who owns these pants. I asked my sisters and they said they weren't theirs. They're probably Katrina's. Are you missing any Buckle jeans? If so, they fit my body perfectly and you might not ever get them back. :] My mom and I discussed that God probably thought I needed pants.

Remember how Jasper used to be this cute cuddly kitten? He has turned into a vicious monster. He will bite, scratch, chew on any body part that moves.

Can it be September yet? Just curious. I can't wait for D, V, and B to come out here and meet the new addition to their family. :]
Pretty much I want to fly out there ASAP and just hang out there for like a week before she's born. I think that'd be TONS of fun. But of course, I don't want to invite myself. Anyone wanting to donate money for a plane ticket to Virginia? :]


  1. Hahaha! I want to fly out and visit them for a week too. If you get any donations tell me where so I can get in on that action.

    My baby will sometimes be shy about kicking when someone is touching my belly, but the girls were worse. This one does rolls and kicks and all sorts of crazy things, so it's hard to hide his movement!

    Sorry the cat's a bum. Flick his nose when he bites.

    I think I might paint my belly to look like a watermelon (like I painted it like a pumpkin with the girls) care to join?

  2. LOL sweet! :D That would be way awesome for you to go to Virginia! That probably would make Olivia way happy! :D I remember when My mom was pregnant with Kendra that Kendra wouldn't let us feel her kick or move... not even my dad... she finally let us feel her when Music was on(like if I was playing my Viola, she would dance around, and she would do the same thing if we were watching a movie that had really good Music in it! :D) Kendra Loved dancing to Classical Music and Movie Music! It was fun! When I finally felt her, it was the Saturday before she was born! It was a blast! :D

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  4. Erika- Yes, I care to join! Ha. I would like to. I wanted to do something for BYU. Don't they have games in the summer? I want to go to one and just show off my cougar painted belly. BRING IT.

    Well, I'm lazy and like to eat at the computer and so he will latch himself onto my leg. And I'm like, YOU FREAK. GET OFF! He'll do it about ten times until he finally gets a hint, or hurt.

    Pretty sure you're good with deals Erika. You can let me know when would be the cheapest time to fly out there and you can fly here. Then we can fly there together! Yyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyes. Bring Sweetie and BD, if at all possible. Ha.

  5. YAY!! Six months that's a big deal! Isn't it the strangest feeling to feel something twisting and rolling around inside of you? Also, very cool.

    We would love for you to come visit! Hmm where would I want to take you...what would be the most fun to do? Virginia is a really beautiful place, although I'm sure I'm partial. =) My parents went on a trip to Vancouver, WA for my mom's birthday just last week. She was ranting and raving about how Erika gets to live in such a beautiful place (she knows you live near Portland but she said it's similar.)

    That's a really cool story about the magic pants!

    Let us know what happens with the movie guy. I wonder what he'd think if a bunch of girls were speculating about him over the internet. hehe.

    That is so sad about the little old man at the mall. The story hits home because I saw a similar thing happen with a sweet little old man (he lost his balance and fell backwards) and he got in his car and drove away quickly but his head was bleeding a little bit. It broke my heart to see it and I've always wondered if he's alright.

  6. You changed your "About Me" picture! You look gorgeous!