Thursday, May 14, 2009


I decided to delete my crazy dream thing. It's kind of pointless. Now, I just have nothing to write about.

I think I need to invest in pebble ice. I go to Sonic and I always get a cup of ice. I just enjoy it thoroughly.
I have also decided to do a 3D/4D ultrasound between 28-30 weeks. I think that would be so cool. :] It's recommended not to get it before 28 weeks because she'll be too small then after 32 weeks she'll be too big I guess.
Now lets just hope my ultrasound was right the first time and that Olivia is a girl :] I know she's a girl but my friend from LDS family services. She had 2 ultrasounds and they both said it was a girl. And the last one that she had they found out that she's a boy! CRAZY!

Anyway, I had a funny thought the other day though.
I think I should be able to use the carpool lane on the freeway. The toll is 2+ passengers. I think me and Olivia qualify. Ha.

P.S. I'm 22 weeks along today! Time goes by FAST.


  1. How fun! So that would be like 2 weeks away for me. I hit 27 weeks on Sunday-- into the 3rd trimester. It's weird to think that this baby is due 3 months from tomorrow. That seems so soon and I haven't taken any time to freak out about having 3 kids yet. Hahaha.

  2. LOL! yeah! That 3D/4D sounds so awesome!! :D Right before my mom quit at Timpanogos regional Hospital, she has several people get some fun surprises!! LOL They find out it is one gender and after decorating the room Blue or Pink, and get clothes for the baby, and find out that the baby is the exact opposite! LOL It was totally hilarious, so that is kind of why my mom did the surprise to begin with, she didn't find out what Kendra and I were, and my parents decided to find out with Abbie and Collin! My mom just said to get generic stuff like clothes that have bears, duckies, or other things that don't specify Girl or boy. Yellow and Green are also considered as generic Colors used by both girls and boys! :D My sisters had the cutes Jammys! Kendra got a nightie that had green caterpillars on it! I Love it like crazy! I told my mom to save some of the clothes for my future kids!! hehehe! i have two full bins already! It is crazy! LOL (sorry for the randomness! LOL)

  3. It's so fun that your sister Erika is pregnant at the same time as you.

    You should let us know how the 3D/4D ultrasound goes--I've always wondered what they look like.

  4. Your dream post did seem like a movie (huge teddy bear guard leading you down the hall)...and that must've been such an emotional roller coaster. I would be so frustrated and angry too! And the basement of other girls was crazy.

    Two cheers for pebble ice. It is perfect for crunching. I actually had a neighbor who would buy it by the bag from Sonic. =)