Tuesday, May 5, 2009

So You Had a Bad Haircut.

Yeah, I went to get my hair done. I have to get it done so often because my hair is super thick and I get it thinned. If I don't I SHED. Literally, shed. It's disgusting. Well, I told them I wanted more blonde in my hair. That didn't work out too well. Then I asked the girl to give me "swoop" bangs. She gave me the straightest, choppiest bangs I have ever seen in my life.
It kind of reminds me of that time my sisters daughter cut her hair. Oh yeah. It's that bad. The girl didn't charge me for the cut. Just the color. Holla. My friend who graduated from hair school said she would fix the cut. Ha. I'll probably color it again in the near future.
Here are some glorious pictures.

Ignore my crazy eyes. Look at the uneven choppiness of death.

The only thing I can really do with my hair right now is to put it up in a pony tail. Or else it looks bad.


  1. Oh! Your hair was so gorgeous, just comparing the pictures from the previous post it makes me sad. That's crazy that she did such a bad job. I mean, it doesn't look too bad in the last two pics, but that first one is terrible! It really does look like a 3 year old did it. Good thing your friend will help you out.

  2. I agree with Erika! :D The last two pictures were cute! :D But the bangs can be fixed like crazy! And by the way you are looking cute Pregnant! LOL tiny bopper! :D I hope things turn out well!

  3. All I wanted was more blonde and to have cute bangs. What the heck man? I thought it would be cuter than the two previous pictures.

  4. Your phrase "choppiness of death" really made me laugh.
    Yeah, it doesn't seem like she understood swoop bangs but you're lucky to have such thick hair and the color of your hair is gorgeous.