Thursday, February 17, 2011

UBC Day 9

Is this EVER going to end?!!?!

Day 9 — Write a letter to: Someone you wish you could meet

Dear Taylor Swift,

Yes, everyone. I'm not afraid to admit I have a huge, giant major crush on this country star. I think some of my friends dislike her music. But guess what? I don't care. :) I love it. You don't have to. Well, I have had dreams recently that Taylor Swift is my BFF. My DREAM BFF. All for me. Too good to be true right? We did everything together. We played hopscotch. We cruised down the street. We found her some guys to write songs about. We even facebook chatted with each other while sitting next to each other. This is a super awesome friendship. In reality, I would love to meet her and possibly do all those things together. Or even to have a whole day with her. I love her music. I think other people love it too, because she is so vulnerable in her songs. Maybe that's why I like her. I'm so vunerable in my blogging and that I put it all out on a limb and hopefully someone will understand me or understand what I'm going through. I would love to collaborate a song with her. I used to write poetry when I was younger (maybe that's why I have magnificant writing skilllllz) and if she helped me write it and then we put it together for a song. Then maybe people will understand how birthmoms feel? Or what we're going through? Maybe someone out there can connect through that loss or pain. That's just how I feel and that's why I'd love to meet her.
Tell me: A song that you can dance to
I'm not a fantastic dancer. I can probably dance to anything. This is just so dance-able. You can't help but tap your toes to this beat.

I want to know: A photo you took.
Like I've said previous. I would love to go to school and do photography. Problem numero uno. I haven't done it in so long that I might not even be good at it anymore. haha. I did my sister's best friend's bridal in March 2009. Here are two of my favorites.

Show me A photo of the item you last purchased.

The Jazz Lanyard around my neck. Hoping that maybe having a huge keychain will help me not lose my keys as often as I do :) Even though the Jazz let me dow. I'm still into them. They just have to make it up to me... BIG TIME.


  1. It makes *perfect* sense to me that you and Taylor Swift are BFFs? Why? Because your husband's name is Taylor!!! It's like you two are soul mates! I have NO doubt that soon, you two will be writing love stories about Taylors (your man and that other Taylor she dated), dancing to Glee together, and finally, texting each other when you see a shooting star, which provokes you to think about your soulmate/BFF. :) T. Swift + S. Despain = BFF ALWAYS.

  2. Hahaahahhaa. Thank you for that! Its so totally meant to be!

  3. You would really enjoy photography! I know you mentioned going to school for it but you could probably learn most of what you want to learn (camera functions,techniques) now from books and other photographers. Maybe work as an assistant, almost like how apprentices learned and took over the trade.
    Creative genes. :)