Thursday, February 3, 2011

UBC Day 2

Write a letter to: Your Crush

Dear crush,
This should be a given. I guess I "crushed" on you the moment that I saw your profile picture on You could say it was love at first mouse click. And the rest is history. You're my one and my everything. I know this is a short letter. But, I can just tell you in person how much I adore you! :)
I love you my big hunk-a-lunk! You're an awesome husband and you're going to be an amazing father someday!

Tell me: Your least favorite song
This is really hard for me because I love almost every genre of music. I'll listen to something once. I love music. I have 9.8 days worth of songs on my iTunes. I'm sort of a FREAK. Okay, I have detested this song for the longest time. I know some people are going to hate me for it. Something about this song just gets under my skin. I remember we had to pick apart this song my sophomore year of high school. I never liked this song in the first place. It sounds like the guy just stuffed one of his dirty gym socks in his mouth and decided he was an AMAZING singer. Really? The song "You're beautiful" by James Blunt. It's about a guy who sees a girl on a train and she's with another DUDE. And he falls in love with her the moment that he sees her. And he just writes this entire song about her. Creeptastic? You bet it is.

I want to know: Your favorite movie.

Take A photo of something you ate today.

Yes, I'm a little kid at heart :) I know I didn't take the picture but I did eat that today!


  1. I totally remember singing along to that song as someone was telling me they hated it. lol.

  2. I was singing along when I was listening to it just now. But it is a pretty ridic song. And I loved your letter to the hubs! :)