Wednesday, February 2, 2011

UBC Day 1

Take A photo of yourself and a description of how your day was.
This was on Monday. Andee wanted me to go with her to Costco. So I went to Costco. Got some pizza. Then we went to the mall and looked at some rings and wished that we were engagement ring shopping again and had all the money in the world to buy them! Haha! Then I had to work and it was the slowest night EVER!
Write a letter to: Your Best Friend(s)

Dear Best Friend(s),

Yes, plural. I can't just think of one best friend because I've had so many help me at a certain time in my life. They are all so amazing to me. :)


This girlie has been a great friend ever since we started talking. Now I can give her a call whenever or we can always go on double date with her and her husband (that i approve of). And I know if my husband doesn't understand something about adoption that I'm frustrated with, I know I can call her and she'll understand. I'm so excited for her to start her life as a mommy. :)

 This girl is ummmazing! She is getting married soon to a wonderful guy that I approve (since he helps set up some stuff for the Sims for me!). I love hanging out with her and our love for cats and the Sims. :) She's my homegirl.

 This girl just recently got married to a wonderful man that I also approve of. :) She is such a fabulous person and she has been there at work when I was a HUGE whale and would sit and talk to me after. She's my go-to girl if I need anyone to vent my shiz to and I hope she knows she can do the same to me!

 This girl is so recklessly beautiful. She is my partner in crime. She reminds me of well... me. We've been through a lot of the same shiz in life and understand each other on a level that most people probably wouldn't understand. She gets me ;)

This girl who I've known the longest (since 6th grade) I can say that we have virtually been through everything together. We know the most about each others lives and we might be TOO close of friends ;) Haha. I'm so glad to say that we are still friends to this day!

I love you all besties!

Tell me/ I want to know: Your favorite song

This is a Taylor Swift Cover.
I like this better than the Taylor Swift version.
(Don't tell her I said that.)


  1. i might have just died of joy.
    you're the best. i love you. move to st. george. pronto.

  2. This is a neat idea, I might start up, I'm having to go to an appt and then I'm hoping to go to the gym with my neighbor, so I'll start tonight, if I do it... :)

  3. So happy for Emmalee--congratulations! (I knew they were engaged but didn't know when.) She's such a nice person & they seem like a loving couple.