Monday, February 7, 2011

UBC Day 4

Yeah, I'm two days behind. Fail. Saturday I worked then I had a birthmom party at the R house <3 Met some new people and saw some old friends. It was fabulous. :) I laughed and got teary eyed. There is something about being in a room with all these great girls (and mr. & mrs. r, of course). I needed it that day.

The Sunday, we went to church. Oh! And the beginning of January I did a high school presentation about adoption with another girl who had placed. I had never met her before but then I saw her at church on Sunday and we are in the same ward! Small world right? I LOVE it! After church we went to a superbowl party afterwards with a friend of mine. And we were there until almost one in the morning! I love weekends like this :)

Write a letter to: Your sibling (or closest relative)

I have so many siblings but I plan to write them all letters too during this challenge.

Dear Ruthie,

I feel like I should start out with a dearblankpleaseblank.

Dear emails and text messages,
Please find a way to clearly express my sarcasm.

Me and RuthAnn are 4 years apart in age. She was the one that would get mad at me for borrowing her clothes in junior high. Only because I looked up to my older sisters. I still do ;) She's smart and successful and I hope to be just like her someday. We have a lot of the same sense of humor. Even though sometimes it can get us into trouble, we still got each others back. She's my bestie sister. I have a few or 5 of them. She's the one that I feel closest to (geographical wise too, oh provolonian). We share the same likes and dislikes in the movies and the tv shows. I know I can always go to her if I want to vent about an episode of gossip girl. She's my homeslice mcgriddle cheese. My fatron. I love her to the endddd. This letter thing is semi-gay. Hahaha. I can never think of something rad to say. So if these letters stink. SORRY!

Tell me: A song that makes you sad

I want to know: Your favorite book.

I want to see Your favorite photograph of your best friend.

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  1. yesssssssss. a letter to me. perfection. hearts everywhere!