Sunday, February 13, 2011

UBC Day 8

Yes, I'm struggling. Haha. I've been preparing for Valentine's day and I saw the Justin Bieber movie. Oh my heck. I'm SO in love. Seriously, I've been feeling like hot and cold at the same time. I might have a fever... the BIEBER FEVER!
This is a documentation of us at the 3D Cinematic Adventure of Never Say Never. Be jealous.

Day 8 — Write a letter to: Your favorite internet friend

Okay, I guess technically this could be an internet friend. I met my friend Thor via Xbox Live. Haha. I played a match of Halo Reach (Yes, I love first person shooter games. And I like to play Swat. It's like hardcore. No shields and all headshots. I'm not going to lie. I'm pretty good. Even some guys at work feel intimidated playing with me.) So we met in a match and continued playing together and became friends. We talked over the headset. My husband also likes to play Call of Duty Black Ops with him. And I'm pretty good friends with his girlfriend. We'll chat from time to time on Facebook. Haha! It's so random. Right now, my current obsession is playing Zombies on COD BO. I've had multiple reoccuring dreams of a zombie apocalpyse. I'm just brushing up on my skills when one happens.
Thor has been the only one that I can tolerate playing video games with. All the other guys end up being d-bags. I've had some guys chew me out because it's a "guys game." They know I'm a girl because my screen name says girl in it. But they can't say it's a guys game when I kick their trash. Which has happened multiple times. :) But Thor is chill. I've been able to just vent to him about stuff that happens or has happened. And it I guess it also helps to play first person shooter games to let out some frustration in a not so real violent way. ;) And in a way I've been able to tell my story and educate adoption. He asks me questions and things. He has a daughter too. So it's cool that we have some things in common. We're both in a relationship. We both have kids. We both like to dominate in video games. He's rad. He's my favorite. :)

Tell me: A song that you know all the words to
Another Taylor Swift Cover. I just love Tyler Ward. I had a dream I married him. <3 Who doesn't know all the words to this song? Really.

I want to know: The style you had 10 years ago.
 Above was me when I was 10 or 11. 6th grade?  My style. I rocked the short hair with the outward flip. Then I also rocked the brace face. Which happened to be my favorite TV show (Braceface) it was about a girl who the day before she started Junior High had to get braces and they had magical powers. If only. This was the beginning of my ugly duckling stage. It was all through Junior high until my senior year of high school. Which I don't like to remember or document. But below is a picture of my senior picture. I haven't changed much. :P

Show me A song to match your mood.
In honor of Valentine's Day. I will play this. Oh. And I probably won't be on tomorrow since it is the blessed V-day. I will post about what I did for Tayler and what he did for me. Don't you worry. :)

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